What female acts of the man will not forgive

What female acts of the man will not forgive

Men and women rather often quarrel. They do some things unpleasant for each other, then realize the mistakes, apologize and reconciled. But there are some things which men do not forgive.

The annoying female acts

Professional psychologists established the reasons which can bring men out of equilibrium state and lead to deep offense which they can never forget.

Here the list of the most relevant acts of women which men are not able to understand and forgive.

Humiliation of advantage. If the woman diligently tries to humiliate with all the actions or words the elect, proving the point of view, especially on public and, what is even worse, before other woman.

At this moment the self-esteem of any, even very self-assured man is most painfully wounded.

Insult on public. Men do not forget it and never forgive even if they did not give any sign at the time of insult. Self-interest. Men like to control a situation, like to be "owners" of life, they prefer to contain in prosperity of the darlings, but only in exchange for sincerity and decency.

As soon as "getter" learns about mercenary motives of the second half, he immediately loses to it any interest and respect.

Bribability. Men do not contact "corrupt" women and if the destiny and reduces, having learned about sincere intentions, they run up hill and down dale. Total control. Men on the nature like to control everything and will not be able to forgive that woman who will try to take away from them this function, especially, having imprisoned them personal. Scandals. There is no man on the earth who would be indifferent to scandals. As soon as scandals appear in increasing frequency in its relations with the partner, he thinks of break in relations.

Generosity of men

In other cases is absent "categoriality" of the fact that the man will not be able to forgive, there is always a real hope that he is capable of generosity and forgiveness. But the outcome always depends on a specific situation and specific features of character: personal perception, psychology, thinking and experience behind shoulders. The inner world of the man much more differs from inner world of the woman. It is necessary to consider that each man always needs some time to consider developed circumstances and to make necessary decisions. Men cannot be hurried, they need to trust and though occasionally to shift a burden of responsibility and initiatives to their shoulders.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team