What is the free relations

What is the free relations

The free relations are the relations, being in which partners keep the right to change, spend time with friends, to vanish and hide details of the life. The free relations quite often meet among young people, people are more senior prefer to build the relations on sincere feelings and fidelity.

Creation of family for quite some time now stopped being the purpose of life of young people. From there is no place the fashion for the relations without obligations was born. Young people inspire in themselves that the family is the burden limiting their freedom and choose the relations which do not limit them.

Essence of the free relations

As usual, the relations constructed only on joint receiving pleasure from life are called free. Couple meets 1-2 times a week, leaves on rest, has sex and leaves until again it does not want to have a rest. And, there is nothing bad that one of partners "has periodically a rest" on the party. At least quite so the "lovers" who are not burdened with the classical relations consider. Nothing bad would seem in it is not present, but it is only one party of a medal.


the free relations are so free?

The American psychologists note that them very often the victims of the free relations ask for the help. Male owners seek consolation in the psychologist's office after their halves leave the free attitudes towards more serious grooms. And the "free" women who were tired to be jealous ask the psychologist to return them self-confidence and to help to find forces for the beginning of new life and creation of family. Seldom who maintains the free relations long. Their rapidity main problem of this kind of the relations. Besides, the relations really free in every sense and the relations to call difficult. Equally well the relations it is possible to call accidental sex of hardly familiar people who met in club and woke up in one bed. Anyway even "free" couple is connected by obligations which, unless, do not mean fidelity.

Whether it is worth creating the "free" novel

The free relations are the unconscious relations. As soon as in this couple there are germs of feelings, the relations immediately stop being free. Therefore unambiguously it is impossible to be negative to such type of the relation. It is rather transitional a stage between acquaintance and family, a peculiar substitute of friendship. The main thing to understand that the relations it is risk to be left without obligations alone. Not always both partners at the same time outgrow this stage and realize importance of fidelity and trust. It is better to measure seven times before agreeing to be "spare" option in case of boring evening or lonely night.

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