What it is possible to write to the guy?

What it is possible to write to the guy?

Not all girls are ready to write men the first if it is about former. However actually there is nothing terrible or shameful in such desires and to achieve a goal and to interest the beloved, it is necessary to consider some important requirements. What it is worth knowing about unostentatious correspondence of VKontakte or SMS and as it is correct to formulate the love letter — about it and the speech will go further.

If it is about the familiar person, then especially it is not necessary to think of interesting subjects for a conversation, you as it is for certain know about his hobbies. Of course, at the initial stages of communication there is no such opportunity, not to mention the first correspondence with the unfamiliar guy therefore to interest the chosen guy, you not only should write to it but also to try to keep attention.

Important! All questions have to be the simplest not to nonplus the interlocutor, having forced to refuse further communication with you. Besides, try to ask about something the generalized phrases, it seems As spent days off?, instead of What you did on Saturday evening?.

For this purpose it is possible to use one of the following ways:

  1. Attentively study its biographical particulars and write allegedly accidental message, with the purpose to learn about other person or some concrete type of activity. For example, you can take an interest whether he knows any girl from its school, and the name and a surname have to be assumed. At least, you have to wait for several response messages.
  2. If to pm still terribly, you can leave the comment under a public photo, only consider that compliments should not be too persuasive.
  3. If it is about SMS correspondence, it is possible to write the message and to refer to number error. For example, you can report to the interlocutor about the forthcoming class reunion and ask whether there is he. Certainly, any person will want to specify about what release it is and already in the course of clarification of all circumstances it will become clear that you confused it with the schoolmate / fellow student.
  4. As a last resort, you can send a neutral smile (without kisses and hugs) and if it sends reciprocal, send one more. Through several such messages the guy surely will write something.
  5. If the first acquaintance took place successfully and correspondence continues, then it is possible to pass to questions of personal hobbies, study/work or to sort other interesting subjects about which it is possible to learn from personal information on the page.

At emergence of the awkward moments it is possible to use subtle and unostentatious humour which will help to smooth an inappropriate phrase. With its help it is also possible to otstrochit the moment of love recognitions or hints on intim if you are not ready to changes in communication with the person yet.

If the first communication already took place, and you exchanged several messages, it is a high time to continue correspondence, keeping attention of the interlocutor.

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  1. Each SMS message or message on social networks have to cause a certain positive emotion, simple informing the interlocutor on the affairs will not be of particular interest at it.
  2. Trite messages or silly jokes are a taboo for the beginning communication as they can spoil very quickly a pleasant first impression about you.
  3. You should not respond to all messages quickly. Force the guy to wait a little for your answer, thereby only stirring its interest. To achieve the most positive result, you can tell that to you came, and you will return to correspondence a little later, and here who exactly visited you, you should not discuss, let itself over it will think.
  4. You should not consolidate extensive answers to questions to 2–3 words, but also too it is not necessary to paint them also. Length of the text indicates interest level by the interlocutor therefore it is not necessary to amuse vanity of the guy with excessive interest in it.
  5. At the initial stages of communication it is also best of all not to use smilies. Let your elect will a little think with what emotional shade you answered it or decided to ask a counter question. Besides, the moderation concerns also punctuation marks. Even if you well get on with spelling and a punctuation, it is not necessary to show it excessively.
  6. Create the correct image. Never write the boy/man what all guys ladies' men and deceivers, many of them accept similar statements and into the account therefore try to avoid such girls. Let your interlocutor think that he was lucky to communicate with the general favourite and the hostess of the life.
  7. To learn about the new acquaintance more, it is possible to take an interest about his treasured desires and plans for further life, only here it is important to feel a certain side, without daring to reduce communication to interrogation.
  8. Well and, of course, never you should refuse standard topics of conversation: favourite movies, books or music. If in your city the premiere of any film hit — is planned even better: kind of by the way it is possible to report to the guy about the intentions to visit a cinema hall (we will assume, with the girlfriend), and also you will have an opportunity to discuss a subject of his preferences in this plan.

No matter, what you write to the elect (certainly, all messages have to conform to requirements of decency), the main thing: it is correct to present the thoughts, to avoid banality in expressions and to constantly maintain interest in itself (for example, the same delayed answers).

In correspondence with new acquaintances it is possible to be limited to usual expressions in the spirit of banal Good night and Pleasant dreams. If your communication already managed to move to a new level and the relations of steel more confidential, it is possible to be expressed differently: Good night, my defender / mastermind or any other definition which can be connected with the previous conversation. Addition of a word mine surely will make a strong impression, allowing the guy to feel special.

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At very close relations it is possible to use such words as favourite, only or to add diminutive-hypocoristic names of animals to a wish of good dreams: a cat, a hare and so forth, of course, only if similar communication is acceptable for you. You can also write to the guy that missed and you fall asleep with thoughts of it, you wait for the visit of it in the dreams. Despite banality of such phrase, she often lightens the mood and contributes a positive share in correspondence.

It is always terrible to tell about the feelings therefore many girls decide to report about them only in correspondence. SMS about love has to be spontaneous and is surely written by the own words as ready poems inspire not in all trust.

Important! Always be sincere and you do not wriggle at answers to the questions posed. If the guy the first starts talking about feelings, try to be with him the most honest that will save from many problems in the future.

Besides, it is optional to call things by their proper names and at once I like to speak You, try to make your relations warmer by means of the following examples:

  1. When you are near, I feel safe and I cannot without this feeling any more.
  2. It is pleasant to me to hear your voice, to feel touches.
  3. Near you there is no feeling of loneliness any more, and I am grateful to you for it.
  4. During our communication you became very dear to me, and let some feelings to me new, I do not want from them to refuse.
  5. You are necessary to me, do not disappear.

To write love letters when you miss, it is much simpler, than to decide on the first message after the quarrel therefore many girls ask a question: What it to write that darling forgave me?. Of course, to pick up a uniform sample for all cases it will not turn out, but if at a small quarrel you write Do not become angry, I love you, anyway it will relieve the tension. In some situations the similar recognition will even help to avoid the communication termination, especially if up to this point you never spoke to the elect about own feelings. Messages with a mention of some thing presented to them will be confirmation of warm feelings to the interlocutor. For example, you can thank once again the guy for the presented bouquet of flowers, having added that at one view of it you lighten the mood and grows warm at heart.

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If after the long relations you decided to leave (no matter on whose initiative), most likely, in the nearest future it will not want to maintain the relations to you any more. However there are cases when after certain time the internal experiences abate and you will want to communicate to the ex-boyfriend again.

In this case main thing: the nobility how unostentatiously to issue the message that neither he, nor you felt awkwardly. However in certain cases girls try to obtain the return — as it is possible to touch stronger the former beloved, having forced it to regret about a gap, and in this case the used methods can be others. In general, the following will be the general recommendations for the first message after separation:

  1. Any romanticism or even hint on it. The guy can decide that you are imposed and hope for resumption of the former relations that, of course, does not add to the girl of appeal.
  2. Indifference maximum. Write neutrally, without adding to messages of emotionality. Let in his eyes interest in his person look as banal female curiosity without any hidden implication.
  3. You should not offend it, remembering shortcomings of your communication or its personal qualities. It is unlikely after all passable way it will be touched by your words, and here partings quite can convince him of correctness.
  4. If parting was painless relatively and you agreed periodically to communicate, then the irony share will not do much harm. For example, you can write former that the cat misses it, expecting it from work. If your purpose is to touch, then the message it seems Will be effective you know, thought to leave more painfully, but is not present …. Of course, if the guy is really indifferent to what was between you, then hardly the similar statement will upset him, but in other cases it can be very effective.

One of the main tasks at communication with being — not to change and not to dramatize, trying to cause pity or admiration. If you hope for renewal of relations, then it is necessary to revise the behavior and to start creation of the relations with a clean slate. When your only purpose is to touch and offend, then the chief assistants in it are humour, indifference and the maximum restraint in all statements (you should not become personal).

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Choosing tactics of communication with the guy/man, none of girls are insured from incorrect decisions therefore it is desirable to count all possible mistakes when writing messages in advance. Hi, Good morning or any other greeting will be always appropriate, and here the contents of the message depend on features of your relations: the letter to army, for year of the relations and the first message to the pleasant man will always differ. The basic that it should be taken into account in any of these situations, it:

  1. Freedom and not persistence of statements. It is not necessary to ask again constantly where it was gone whether read the last message and whether took offense at a concrete statement. You should not ask also about presence of beautiful girls at a party with which the interlocutor returned recently.
  2. Demonstration of excessive readiness for communication. You should not send several consecutive messages if you did not receive the answer to previous yet. You do not hurry to answer also the questions posed, thereby letting know that communication with the guy not the only thing, than you can be engaged at each concrete moment. At terse answers from its party it is useful to stop correspondence of the first, increasing the value in his eyes.
  3. Awkward situations of which it is very difficult to get out. If there is no confidence in reciprocal feelings, do not write the interlocutor about the. At further, more confidential communication, do not send several love SMS in a row, if the guy was really busy, then a large number of almost identical SMS at least will surprise him.
  4. Addition of the text message. A large number of smilies — not the only thing that can play against you. Sending to the guy of erotic photos, and even then when your relations already stepped over a stage of intimate proximity will be much more dangerous step. At least, the young man will consider you excessively dissolute, and at worst after possible parting uses erotic pictures in the purposes. By the way, you should not exclude the last opportunity even when you are sure of normal reaction to such messages.

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As you can see, in each separate case the correspondence and contents of messages will be different therefore if the interlocutor took offense, expresses a certain discontent or shows special interest in further communication, it is necessary to be at the correct loss for words and to listen to the above-stated recommendations that will help to keep a positive spirit for further communication.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team