What pleasant surprise can be arranged to the girl

What pleasant surprise can be arranged to the girl

For the girl new impressions and strong positive emotions will become a pleasant surprise. Creative approach to preparation of such gift and manifestation in each action of the fact that you admire the darling is important and you appreciate it.

You will not surprise the girl with flowers and visits of cafe or of cinema - it is normal manifestation of so-called "rose and candy stage". However both appointments, and gifts can be turned into really tremendous surprise. The main thing here — creative approach and attentiveness: you have to know precisely that your beloved loves.

Unusual appointment

It is possible to diversify places of your romantic meetings. Instead of cafe or cinema organize an appointment... on a roof. However, not to risk, better to address organizers of similar actions — they will pick up to you a suitable, safe roof with a scenic view. Candles, flowers, favourite delicacies of your ladylove, lyrical music will become decoration of evening.

One more option — a romantic appointment of the house, but with unusual elements. For example, you can invite the saxophonist or the conjurer. Or to prepare a session of the weakening massage for the lady, having taken care of surroundings: aromatic oils, soft lighting, flower tea for two, etc. A visit of theater, on a concert of favorite band, swimming by motor ship or evening in the amusement park with obligatory visit of a classical and romantic Ferris wheel... All this is not too original, but it will be pleasant to the girl that the guy himself guessed to organize similar evening. The main thing — be convinced that any important event is not planned for the planned evening surprise at your ladylove any more, otherwise all your efforts will come to nothing. And the girl will feel guilty.

Unusual gift

You should not spend huge money for a huge bouquet of flowers: it is rather banal and irrational approach — flowers will wither and will leave behind fleeting reminiscence. "one million scarlet roses" is the first that comes to mind to all romantics. Show sharpness better. Can be more original than nothing, than the gift created by your hands and by means of imagination. Compose the beloved the song or verses, write her portrait — it will be aerobatics. But if art — not your fad, you do not be upset. You can choose the song written by someone, but it is desirable execute it in person as the serenade. You are not able to draw — order a portrait of darling from the professional artist or organize her the real professional photoshoot. It will be the next demonstration of the fact that you admire its beauty and wish to depict her. If your young lady loves active holiday, for the choice of a surprise the new horizons open. You can present to the girl parachute jump, flight on a paraplane, the helicopter or in the balloon. But it is options for obvious an ekstremalok, "quieter" gifts — walk astride horses, a lesson of archery or a game on some exotic tool. The main thing - listen to the words of darling, study her tastes and interests, and then you will definitely not miss with a surprise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team