What to do if the guy grew cold

What to do if the guy grew cold

During the different periods of life of the relation of two people can undergo changes - from huge love to indifference and even total loss of interest to each other. So, how to define the first signs of cooling of the guy and what to do to reanimate and strengthen his feelings to you?

And whether really your guy grew cold to you?

At you was so? Suddenly there was a disturbing thought: "My boyfriend grew cold..."? You met, rejoiced to each hour spent together. But once felt that it any more not that. Your darling does not look as earlier, does not listen that you tell and does not give flowers any more. Alas, all this remained in the past, and your relations not those any more.

Life is rich with many various feelings pleasant and joyful, and sometimes sad and very sad. But, if there were no unpleasant moments in life, people could appreciate so happy hours and days?

Unexpected transition for joy to grief frightens, forces to work thoughtlessly. Here it is also necessary to stop, let itself time think. Various reasons of cooling of the relations are possible. Perhaps, your guy was just strongly tired, he has troubles at work. So can be at everyone. In this situation it is the best of all not to make scandal or interrogation to the tired and upset person. It just can also become the break in relations reason. The best option - in a quiet situation to discuss the reason for which the guy grew cold as it seems to you. It is very probable that your relations did not change at all, and you with pleasure continue to call it "my boyfriend", "mine".

If your guy began to grow cold to you

If nevertheless it turns out that your guy began to grow cold to you, and you do not want to leave this person, it is not necessary to panic. Soberly assess a situation and make the plan of the further actions. Do you remember? Men are hunters by the nature. To them interestingly new, unattainable. Perhaps, you relaxed, stopped being a riddle for the guy.

Make a pause for some period, force it to feel that you can leave his life.

Force it to be jealous a little. Allow it to see that his friends admire you. But only do not go too far in flirtation, do not let it think that it is not necessary to you more, otherwise he will even more grow cold to you. Use that so far you together, and he only began to grow cold to you. Take care of yourself to look on everything 100, arrange an unusual dinner. The beautiful woman to whom he still finally did not grow cold its favourite music and tasty food (you know that he loves!) will help it to look at you other eyes, again to see that which he nearly stopped loving.

Perhaps, having relaxed, having convinced of his love, you ceased to watch yourself. And he constantly sees you without make-up, with a wild hair, in shabby jeans and the stretched undershirt. The man is visual, it is impossible to forget about it!

Usually the man involuntarily compares the woman to the mother. Think, than you can be similar to her. Try to emphasize this similarity. Of course, it only if you are sure that your guy has very good relations with mother. Otherwise you can do much harm to yourself. Or try at a meeting on the street so to make the route to pass across those places where you walked when your feelings to each other were especially strong. It will stir up the dying-away feeling and will help it to inflame with a new force. And still. Think of joint occupations, a hobby. Perhaps, your guy is fond of mountain skiing, swimming, soccer or hockey. If you really love it and do not want to lose, divide with it his hobby. Joint pastime will strengthen your relations. And in a talk with girlfriends you will call it "my boyfriend" again and to be proud of yourself, you could win the darling again and return his feelings to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team