Whether it is worth living with parents?

Whether it is worth living with parents?

Each young family dreams of own nest, however there is not always an opportunity to get own housing. Newlyweds can live for various reasons with parents. The main pluses and minuses of such life are listed in this article.

Life pluses with parents

1. An excellent opportunity to get up in the first year of joint life. At this time funds for food, clothes, the first joint purchases are necessary. These expenses occupy the most part of salary. Life with parents will help young family to save, and all costs of food and the communal flat can be divided equally.

2. Help. For example, if you are late at work, then your mother-in-law or the mother-in-law can be tidied up at home, take away the child from a garden, make a dinner. Joint life with parents will help to facilitate life as duties can be distributed among themselves.

3. Support and unity in family. It is possible to find a common language with family members, it is always pleasant to live in perfect harmony. Show respect and tolerance to each other.

Negative aspects of life with parents

1. Someone from new family members, whether it be the husband or the wife, will join new family therefore he should get on with new foundations – it can cause psychological discomfort.

2. An important factor is not only relationship between new spouses, but also relationship between parents of couple. If they quarrel and swear all the time, it can affect communication of young people among themselves.

3. When there are children, there can be a misunderstanding. Differences of opinion and continuous reproaches from parents can undermine good relations.

 4. Quickly you get used to good. Living with parents, it is possible to lose interest in financial independence. It can bring into a further stupor as the ability to plan the family budget, to operate finance does not develop.

5. If young people like to receive guests at home, to organize parties, then it can not be pleasant to parents. Also there can be a constant control from adults that can also strain.

Each family itself solves: to live with parents either to remove, or to buy own housing. Most of experts recommend to lead an independent life at once or through a certain period. Certainly, to keep in contact with parents extremely important, but young people have to independently learn to live therefore it is recommended to choose nevertheless a separate way of life, than to live with parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team