Whether the statement is right that women are auditory?

Whether the statement is right that women are auditory?

Despite the general delusion, are auditory not only girls. Men in the same degree need to hear about themselves pleasant things. However, verbal communication is so necessary for women as they are most often not sure of themselves.

Why this true statement?

Women who doubt own appeal need compliments, warm words, approval. To win the woman, of course, also acts, the help, care, support are necessary. But if to flavor it with a good portion of tender words, the effect will be tremendous.

It is possible because verbal expression of feelings – a difficult task for severe men, women so appreciate open verbal manifestation of emotions. When the man directly speaks "You are pleasant to me!" or "I want to kiss you" clear what to do next.

Do you want to make to the girl pleasant, without making for it efforts? Just call free minutes. Tell some darling, nonsense and come back to the affairs. It is important to women to know that men remember them during the day.

The relations between women and men never were simple, and all conscious history of mankind they became complicated. Even if hundred years ago the woman was dependent on parents, family, and then at once the husband, now she received freedom comparable about men's. There is a huge number of popular scientific, popular and psychological texts about that as well as why women love. Everything is very simple. It is necessary for any woman as air, knowledge that she is loved. And in constantly changing world, this knowledge needs to be updated. Men consider that it is enough to admit once to the woman feelings and to update information only if something changes. Besides, the stronger sex, obviously, stays in illusions that on behavior and actions of the girl all can understand about their emotions. It's not trueIt's not true.

The certain way to quarrel - not to say

Girls as changeable, vulnerable beings, measure everything on themselves. Respectively, if the man reported once that he loves, but does not speak about it more, truly stopped loving. Even very clever and curious women, reading much special literature, need confirmation of feelings. And they know everything cherished secrets of "men's kitchen". What to tell about girls who can only guess what occurs in the male heads?

If you want to encourage the woman to prepare or the furnace, praise its actions. Do it it is reasoned, probability is high that next time its borsch or pie will be even more tasty.  

So the best way to keep and develop the relations – to say to women about feelings, to give compliments, to share emotions. Women who I feel and know that they are loved, return all "expenses" a hundredfold. Always place points over I. Women not too like to be imposed. It is unpleasant and senseless. And when they do so, most likely it is just attempt to achieve from you clarity in an important question.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team