Who such altruist?

Who such altruist?

So, let's understand that means to be an altruist. As speak in common people, the altruist is a person at whose character there is unsatiable desire everything to help and to please in damage even to the personal desires and requirements. In psychology, altruism (Latin of alter - another) it is described as sacrifice and gratuitous love for other person.

And all it would seem prosy clear – on such individuals the society has to keep, but not so everything is simple.

What qualities of the personality are characteristic of the altruist?

The altruist will always give a helping hand: he will come tearing along in the middle of night to support the friend, will help the grandmother crossing the road, will buy the crying child lollipop, and, after all, will put off from a tree of the intimidated kitten.

Such people soft and quiet, they do not try to tell much about themselves – to listen more often. They are distinguished from crowd by excessive modesty. They always rejoice progress of others, and this interest in the fate of people around – genuine, sincere. They will never raise the voice. They will point to the fault if it there and it was not close.

When make promises, always carry out them, it is not dependent on that, it is convenient to them or not. Such person will never bring and will not betray.

And, as it is sad, but very often use such people.

The egoist and the altruist – two contrasts

Egoists – strong personalities who just at the subconscious and conscious level wish to satisfy the requirements in any available ways use altruists. Egoists do not consider the interests of others. They, however, can veil that do something for the good of the neighbor, but the ultimate goal is to achieve the to the detriment of others desires and opportunities. The egoist prevails, without asking. The egoist crosses through the principles and morals, walks with great strides on a career ladder, leaving behind the trustful altruist. The most interesting is that the altruist both will help such person and will rejoice more sincerely to his take-off.

The main difference of such persons is in what the altruist disinterestedly gives, and the egoist remorselessly – accepts, takes away and does not want to return good.

Syndrome of the altruist

When the person gives all soul if only to please close – it is good. But when the altruist forgets about himself – it is already dangerous, dangerous to him. Altruists sacrifice everything: by forces, time, money and even health. They do not think of the sincere desires. It is possible to call such state "a syndrome of the altruist" safely.

How to become the altruist?

Happens and so that after long fight on a career ladder, frequent subordinates abuse or long-term mercenary use of the friends and relatives understanding comes that all this does not bring happiness.

There is a wish to make something kind and pleasant to the neighbor. To give a chance to show that you are not a bad person. It is possible to begin with small kind acts: hang up a feeding trough, help to cross to someone the road, give money to the person in need.

It will be simpler further. Just it is important to understand that others gratitude will repeatedly come back good mood and a positive spirit.

We considered a question who such altruist, but is unclear the moment about whether it is worth being it. Our world dictates such terms that if you completely are given to this feeling, then you will begin to be used just. It is necessary to find a side between the forced egoism when it is important to advocate the interests, and those moments when it is really possible to bring kindly to the neighbor.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team