Why he does not hurry to acquaint with parents

Why he does not hurry to acquaint with parents

Acquaintance to parents of the young man - a responsible and important action. One and other party needs to be prepared for it properly morally. For the young man it is a serious step in the relations.

Acquaintance to parents - a new stage of the relations

Parents are always concerned about the children, to them important with whom they are on friendly terms, communicate as they spend time and whom fallen in love. When to acquaint the girl with parents, the guy has to solve. It depends on degree of a maturity and readiness of the young man. He has to recognize properly the soulmate to present her to the family and relatives. Acquaintance to parents are a call for the girl that the guy seriously treats her, wants the long and long relations.

Why the guy does not acquaint with parents

If the guy does not acquaint the beloved with parents, means confidence that it is that girl of a dream did not lodge in him yet. Such behavior can be explained with the short term of the relations, frequent quarrels or some other disorders in relationship. If the girl constantly starts a conversation about parents, and in reply does not receive the invitation to get acquainted with them, then soon such situation suggests an idea of the bad relation of darling.

It is possible to observe such phenomenon when the guy hesitates of the parents. It seems to it that they not such as everything, can incorrectly behave during communication with the girl, tell something offensive or inattentively. It also is the reason that the guy postpones acquaintance. Not all grew up in successful family and lived in the smart, repaired apartments. This nuance can slow down process of acquaintance to parents. The guy is afraid that the girl, having seen conditions of its accommodation, will refuse it, and couple will leave. The drinking parents - not a rarity. In this case acquaintance can turn back scandal. Not to appear in such situation, the girl has to collect as much as possible information on the childhood and parents of the young man. In the presence of the above-mentioned facts, it is better not to insist on acquaintance, and to trust in the young man. He will explain why he does not want acquaintance to take place. The strict parents with conservative views who are not perceiving modern youth can involuntarily force the son to hold off such behavior acquaintance. The guy just is afraid to acquaint the girl, assuming that she will not be pleasant to them, and they will dissuade him to meet her. The girl herself has to hint the guy that it would be time to meet parents and to get acquainted if considers that time has cometime has come. The guy inspired with feelings can not think of this nuance because he and so well is to it at all.

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