Why it is impossible to gnaw nails?

Why it is impossible to gnaw nails?

The habit to gnaw nails, as a rule, comes from the early childhood. Most of people get rid of it with age, forget and release. Some cannot say goodbye to it even at mature age.

Why the person gnaws nails?

The habit to gnaw nails has several hidden psychological reasons:

  • way to overcome a conflict situation;
  • diffidence, the underestimated self-assessment;
  • reaction to stressful situations, fear, alarm;
  • subconscious autoaggression, aspiration to hurt itself in the physical and psychological plan;
  • children's habit;
  • heredity.

Harm for health

On a question why it is impossible to gnaw nails, there are several answers. And the reason for that not only an ugly not esthetic type of hands, though you should not charge-off it. First of all, it is necessary to understand that it is the disease having the name: onikhofagiya.

The person who gnaws nails most often does it mechanically, without thinking of purity: gets to an organism thousands of various pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria, the majority of which are not harmless at all. It leads to dangerous infectious diseases. Besides, gnawing nails, the person injures skin of fingers, creating on them wounds and microcracks, that is opening the same microbes and bacteria one more road to the organism.

How to get rid of a habit to gnaw nails?

If the person understands that he cannot but just gnaw nails, the psychology allocates several ways of disposal of an addiction. But for a start it is necessary to find out, not why gnaw nails on hands in general and why you do it. Each person is individual therefore surely sort out yourself.

If it is all about feeling of alarm, diffidence, in the actions and acts, it is necessary to understand himself, to find out what forces to have this feeling. Here behavioural therapy, ways of control over emotions can help. If the situation is too started also it insufficiently, the option of drug treatment is possible.

If it is all about heredity or well taken roots children's habit, it is possible to try to use means for nails, masks, oils with unpleasant taste (bitter, salty, sour). Their additional benefit is that such means also strengthen a nail plate, fill microcracks and damages which were put to nails treat.

And if the person has a good will power, it is possible to try to distract, be engaged in something as soon as nails begin to be in dangerous proximity from teeth. For example, to repair the unsteady chair, to wash the car, to fasten the new shelf in kitchen. It is possible to make also beforehand the list of affairs that at the right time always was what to be engaged.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team