Why the husband changes

Why the husband changes

How often women ask themselves this question: "Well why it changed?" Analyze the behavior, study appearance, speculate and very often find the reason only in themselves. In fact the reasons of unfaithfulness a set, beginning from cooling of feelings and finishing with banal interest.


1. Often girls all the actions as if "push" blessed to treason. For example, if houses the man feels on position of the child who did not learn a lesson of the school student, guilty poor student eternally, then sooner or later he will want though for a while to feel the hero. Think whether not too often you reproach the husband. Perhaps, it is convenient to young man to be on position of the boy, but sooner or later children organize revolts against strict parents. And treason can appear such "revolt".

2. Stop being a time of the woman attractive to husbands: get fat, cease to watch themselves, forget about dresses and a make-up, and visual feelings are very important for men. Do not dare to get out of hand. The wife wishing to be always a magnet for the husband is not able to afford to look bad.

3. Some spouses lose interest to each other over time, move away emotionally and intellectually from each other. Often wives completely focus on life and education of children, cease to penetrate into the interests of the husband, wave away from a talk with it. And then the man looks for the interlocutor. More precisely, interlocutor.

4. One more important point – a bed. For men it is important to be desired. If the woman for some reason constantly refuses to it proximity or treats sex as to a conjugal duty (not really pleasant) if it is cold with it, then sooner or later he will begin to look for it replacement. A cold matrimonial bed – the frequent reason of hot embraces on the party.

5. But women should not blame for everything only themselves. Many men change the wives not because other women it is better (either it is more beautiful, or is younger), and just because they are others. Men can be interested in other women, and the stranger sometimes seems zhelanny and more captivatingly, than the wife. At least for the night.

6. Some men change because in it they see the proof of the courage. They, unlike women, often do not put the same emotions in sex, for them it is just sex. Therefore they can sincerely love the wife, children, not to think of a divorce, but at the same time not to see anything special in having the mistress or even several.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team