As it is correct to dry the body not to lose weight

Drying of the body is the process during which the athlete drives from himself excess fat to make the shape of the body more expressed and attractive. To keep at the same time weight quite difficult: it is necessary to use special programs of trainings and to eat properly.

Many beginners make the same mistake: they put on the warming belts and shorts, run 20-30 minutes at the increased pace, and then still go on power trainings. Such approach doesn't allow to get rid of fat and can even damage if body temperature is too high. And in general it is better for the people having weight over 100 kg not to run as it is possible to injure sheaves standing.

How to get rid of subcutaneous fat

But after all for drying the aerobic loading is necessary. Only it has to be at the reasonable level. You have to consume enough oxygen and also not overload the muscle. Burning in legs means that loading is very big and the organism begins anaerobic glycolysis of glucose, at the same time fat isn't oxidized at all. If you choke, means to the organism there isn't enough oxygen for oxidation, respectively, the efficiency of the training considerably falls.

It is the best of all to be guided by the heart rate (HR) as this indicator most precisely shows the level of aerobic loading in this case. In the beginning it is necessary to calculate the maximum indicator. For this purpose from 220 take away your age. So, for example, if you are 30 years old, then the maximum ChSS is equal to 190. Then take away from this indicator 35 percent (190-35%=123.5). It is also optimum level of pulse for combustion of fat. It is also necessary to limit itself in food. At the same time usual diets won't help as the purpose is not simply to lose weight, and to get rid of fat here, having kept muscle bulk. For this purpose you need to consider calories and to gradually reduce their daily consumption. Every week reduce day norm by 200-300 kcal until reach the point in 2,000. It is also necessary to refuse fat products in favor of proteinaceous.

How to keep weight

Power trainings will be necessary for you. Optimum time of occupations: 40-60 minutes. At the same time preference needs to be given to big muscular groups and to place emphasis on general exercises. Rest between approaches shouldn't exceed one minute. For the best result you can also use sports food. Optimum scheme of trainings following. In the beginning it is necessary to execute the press of the post standing (3 approaches on 14 repetitions), then lunges on Smith's exercise machine (3 approaches on 10 times) and push-ups with different setting of hands (3 approaches on 12 times). After that make superset of two exercises. The first is the draft in bending, using Smith's exercise machine, the second – the push and breakthrough of the weight one hand. Both exercises are done in three approaches on 12 repetitions.

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