How to learn to go by rollers

How to learn to go by rollers

Driving on rollers – the best and available entertainment of summer which pleases also children and adults. The main thing is to learn to hold balance and not to be afraid of falling, and the rest will come with experience. Rollers – the excellent fizicheskayushchy training for muscles of legs and development of coordination.


1. Learn the correct stance - it is the driving basis which will allow to keep balance and with ease to transfer body weight from one leg to another. For a start you can hold the support or the partner. The ideal initial position – legs are slightly bent in knees, the foot shoulder width apart. Cross the case slightly forward to avoid falling on the back.

2. Learn simply to go on the roller is the best exercise for beginners. Collect the strength and come off the support, part hands in the parties for balance maintenance. Perhaps, rollers will pass small distance: be not afraid, feel this movement. The leg bring the leader (for example, right) a little forward. And in general remember that one leg when driving on rollers always slightly ahead another, approximately at length of the half of the roller.

3. Transfer body weight gradually to the right leg, tear off left from the earth at least on millimeter and quickly rearrange it slightly ahead right. Make it basic and tear off the right leg from the earth. Repeat circulation, you won't feel more surely yet. Prepare that you will pass small distance at transfer of weight.

4. The following exercise – the ski course. Thanks to these movements you will get used to rollers. When walking on skis the heel comes off the earth, in the same case of the leg never come off asphalt. Don't make a start and don't increase speed, just get used to sliding. The center of gravity always remains in the middle, just drive legs back and forth.

5. Roller course. Get up in the initial stance, remove the right leg slightly forward. Sharply transfer body weight to the right leg and slightly make a start left, straightening it. Sweep small distance on the right leg, left translate forward and transfer all weight to it, make a start the right leg. If you worked in performance of the first two exercises, then will feel confident, but all the same first will begin to be shaken here and there. Is it normal: don't forget to hold balance. Always cross the case slightly forward.

6. In process of trainings increase the speed and distance overcome on one leg. You can help yourself hands, swinging them as at usual walking. Now it is quite good to learn to brake correctly.

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