As it is necessary to twist the hoop to lose weight

As it is necessary to twist the hoop to lose weight

The hoop, or hulakhup, can become the excellent assistant in fight against weight and excess centimeters on the waist. The efficiency of its influence many times increases if to use this exercise machine in the complex with healthy food and fitness.


1. The hoop is most useful to the waist, it not only well masses internals, but also he gathers in the stomach, fat deposits on sides and the back. The most popular hoops – usual plastic. For achievement of considerable effect the hulakhupa weighted should give preference – so process of burning of calories at regular trainings will go quicker. And similar power hoops can be made heavier still, having filled up sand in empty segments. There are still massage hulakhupa with relief ledges and balls. The optimal variant for weight loss – two in one, the combined hoop.

2. The hoop is very simple in use. Occupations with it don't require special physical training. During exercises the circulation of the lymph improves, it also leads to reduction of volume of fat in the organism. Besides, twisting the hoop which is especially weighted you burn calories and strengthen body muscles.

3. Begin to be engaged with the easy hoop. Will be enough for beginners and 5 minutes a day, gradually increase time of continuous torsion up to 30 minutes. And only after hulakhup will become the habit, you pass to the weighting compound. Don't forget also about the general warm-up of the body, do exercises for hands and legs.

4. Classes with hulakhupy should be given every day and not earlier, than in 2-3 hours after meal. Otherwise you risk to receive zavorot guts.

5. If you began to be engaged with the massage hoop, be ready that after the first trainings on the waist bruises as on inside of the massage hulakhup there are relief ledges can be formed. It is normal reaction of the organism. To avoid bruises, put on the wide sports belt or the thick jersey.

6. If you are concerned by the condition of internals of the organism, you have problems with health or chronic diseases, in order to avoid consequences it is better to consult before trainings with the therapist. Especially strong harm can be done by the weighted hoop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team