As it is possible to pump up the press in house conditions

As it is possible to pump up the press in house conditions

Flat stomach – the subject of pride of the girls who are constantly swinging press muscles. It is possible to train as in the gym, and at home. The main condition for formation of the beefy press – regularity of occupations. Carry out the special set of exercises daily 30-40 minutes, and in the month you will notice how your press began to become stronger.


1. Get up directly, widely part legs, lower hands along the body. With the exhalation incline the case precisely to the right, feel how side muscles of the stomach strained. On the breath slowly become straight. Repeat at the exhalation bending in other party. Perform exercise on 20 times in each option.

2. Stand directly, place palms slightly behind on the waist, feet arrange together. With the exhalation cross the basin forward, bend knees a little, you breathe quietly. Feel how press muscles strained. If you feel pain in the waist, don't do the strong deflection in the back. Hold the provision of 5-8 seconds. On the breath become straight. With the exhalation make bending forward, relax completely the back. If you feel comfortable when performing this exercise, repeat it 2 more times.

3. Lay down on the back, place palms behind the head, raise legs up. With the exhalation tear off shoulders, and then shovels from the floor, on the breath fall back. Execute 30 raising of the case, further have a rest 1 minute. Do 2 more approaches on 30 repetitions.

4. Lying on the back, extend hands behind the head, bend legs in knees and arrange the foot on the floor. With the exhalation translate hands forward and breakthrough lift the case completely over the floor. On the breath, having rounded a few back, fall slowly by the floor. Execute not less than 15 rises. Have a rest 20-30 seconds, then repeat exercise of 15 more times.

5. Turn over on the stomach, extend hands along the body. On the breath lift the case up, as much as possible take away shoulders back. Take breath to the area of the stomach. Make the breath and inflate the stomach, at the same time you rise over the floor a little. With the exhalation the stomach will take the flat form. Perform exercise within the minute. Then have a little a rest. If you don't turn the head, can execute one more approach. During performance of exercise you watch that the main loading appeared on press muscles, but not on the waist.

6. Lay down on the back, get hands for the head, send elbows precisely to the parties, bend knees, shins arrange parallel to the floor. With the exhalation raise the case, direct the right elbow and the left knee to the meeting to each other. On the breath lower the back on the floor. At the following exhalation stretch the left elbow and the right knee. Repeat exercise 20 times in each option. If you can't execute such number of twists for one approach, make 10 repetitions, have a rest several seconds and continue exercise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team