As lost weight Kelly Osbor

As lost weight Kelly Osbor

At teenage age Kelly faced problems of excess weight. The made attempts yielded only short result. But in 24 years the girl managed to achieve the, she lost weight. The first residents of London could estimate the new figure of the girl. Of course, journalists wanted to write sensational article with heading – Kelly Osbor lost weight. But far from it. Sports activities helped to achieve enormous success to the girl.

Kelly Osborne lost weight not easy. It was the share to her of ways to it for three weeks five hours a day to dance. At the same time once a week two hours she was engaged in Pilates. The girl is grateful to it for the great health. Of course, not each person will be able to allocate so much time for weight loss.

Therefore everyone has to look for the ways of fight against excess weight. So, also the spiral gymnastics will help to get rid of excess weight. This gymnastics is based on performance of the twisting movements. The spiral gymnastics was created by the nature. Natural movements which in spite of the fact that rather simple, have very deep meaning are characteristic of it.

Such gymnastics helps to realize great opportunities of self-improvement which appear at the person from the moment of his birth. Besides it restores spiral power supply systems which are very important for health of each separate body and all organism. All movements very soft, their performance doesn't cause discomfort. The intensity of performance of movements can be regulated by means of own pulse.

And thanks to spiral yoga it is possible to leave limits of optimum pulse rate and it is good to strengthen and build up muscle bulk. Therefore even at rest exchange processes will happen more intensively. Of course, to lose weight, perform such exercises it is necessary daily. At the same time duration of exercises has to be not less than 20 minutes. Optimum time: 30-40 minutes. And twice - three times a week it is necessary to train strongerstronger for 1.5-2 hours.

To master such practice, it is necessary to visit the special center. And if for any personal reasons there is no opportunity to place the special center, it is possible to find video lessons in the Internet and to be engaged on them accompanied by the coach. So, when performing exercises for hips and the stomach it is possible to get rid not only of the congestion of fat deposits, but also to regulate work of the stomach, intestines, liver, the pancreas.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team