Belts for weight loss: whether there is the advantage?

Belts for weight loss: whether there is the advantage?

There is the set of types of belts for weight loss. Everyone looks and works in own way, but whether always they help, and whether they have some contraindications? It is necessary to learn it before acquisition of wonderful means.

To lose weight quickly, without loading the organism with exercise stresses, without exhausting it with diets – the dream which is heavy for reaching. Domestic and foreign manufacturers make the lot of efforts, thanks to them and various devices for disposal of cellulitis and extra kilos appear. One of them - the belt for weight loss.

Divide three views:

  • Belt sauna • Belts with use of magnetic and electric elements
  • The combined belts. At everyone the merits and demerits therefore we will treat each look apart.

Belt sauna

The principle of action is simple – to create effect of the sauna. Having put on the belt the problem part of the body, due to use of special materials you begin to sweat. As envisioned by inventors it has to strengthen blood circulation and lipidic exchange. Slags and toxins are quicker removed, "excess" liquid leaves, and the person grows thin. In practice there is the following – you sweat and at the expense of it get rid of liquid, dry the organism. At the expense of it it is possible to lose weight by 1 kg, but after water inflow the weight comes back to the organism. With this belt only skin heats up, for melting of fat of it it isn't enough. Its action can be compared to action of mustard plasters, and from them it is difficult to lose weight. There are they a little. For production use the neoprene or other light air-tight materials. It is possible to carry it no more than 2 hours a day. Pregnant women and the feeding women can't use. The belt won't approach if you have heart troubles, and you suffer from elevated pressure.

Electric and magnetic belts

Insert electric or magnetic diodes which create vibration into this belt and send impulses to reduction of muscles. At the expense of it fat has to be split, and muscles to gain elasticity and to come to the tone. You swing the press, without getting up from the sofa, the waist becomes slender, and the stomach flat. In practice all is a little differently. Receiving the peculiar massage, you really accelerate blood circulation, and muscles come to the tone. But for weight loss of it it isn't enough. For obtaining positive result it is necessary to reconsider considerably the diet, and it is practically the same diet. Means, to be spent for the belt there is no need, adjustment of food will help to resolve the issue with the excess weight. Contraindications to application of such belts are diseases of blood and fragility of vessels, the trauma on the stomach or the back. Scientifically it isn't proved, but say that magnetic fields can become the reason of new growths. Also they break work of pacemakers. It isn't authorized to use magnetic belts to pregnant women, cores and people with differences of arterial blood pressure.

The combined belts

These belts united both the sauna, and vibration. As envisioned by inventors you not only will grow thin, but also to strengthen muscles. Sounds beautifully, but in practice the result isn't observed. People should refuse such adaptation with sensitive skin, pregnant and feeding, to cores and hypertensive persons. Efficiency of all these means rather doubtful. They can be used as supplementary equipment, but in the complex with healthy nutrition and exercise stresses. The main condition for disposal of extra kilos – to consume less calories, and to burn more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team