Exercises with medboly

Exercises with medboly

Medbol name the medical ball made of dense rubber and possessing the nonslipping surface. It extinguishes force of kicks and doesn't rebound from the floor thanks to what it is used for exercises of fitness which it allows to diversify and introduce significantly in them novelty.

Work with medboly

In the medbol there are sawdust, sand, gel or other heavy material. Work with it allows to work all main groups of muscles in the sparing mode. It is possible to use medbol both for weight loss, and for the general improvement and also for the set of muscle bulk. The basis of trainings with it is study and careful loading of ligaments and muscles therefore medbol often use for postoperative rehabilitation of the weakened patients.

With medboly professional athletes under the leadership of sports doctors as it gives the chance accurately to adjust loading like to train.

It is popular medbol and at musculoskeletal system diseases and also at active elderly people who with its help develop joints and give to the sluggish muscles enough loading. In training fitness with medboly call the functional training as the form of the medical ball not only strengthens all groups of muscles participating in the movements of hands and legs but also gives to joints the chance to work fully without resprain in the course of exercises.

Exercises with medboly

Before exercises it is necessary to warm all muscles. After small warm-up sit down on the floor with the legs which are turned in under themselves and rest buttocks against heels. Pick up medbol, completely straighten the back and get the raised hands with medboly for it. Then begin to cramp smoothly shovels, raising hands so highly as far as it is possible. The back at the same time needs to be held directly and not to cave in forward. Exercise is performed from 10 to 20 times. To raise the emotional tone, during the training it is possible to turn on the vigorous music or sounds of wildlife. One more exercise with medboly is also performed in the sitting position. Extend before yourself the hands bent in elbows with medboly, bring them for the head and try to reach them the back. At the correct performance the tricepses will strain slightly. Then in the same situation take medbol one hand and extend it far ahead, and as much as possible get the second hand for the back parallel to the floor. Then reduce them in front and change the arm position. Become one leg on the knee, and straighten another and take aside. Straighten before yourself hands with medboly and lift over the head. Then bend the case and hands to the taken-away leg, bending down to it it is the lowest, and after it – in the opposite direction.

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