For what Lance Armstrong deprived of titles of the winner ""Tour de France"

For what Lance Armstrong deprived of titles of the winner ""Tour de France"

Day became on August 24, 2012 in the most sad afternoon for all fans of cycling, referees and athletes cyclists. This day the head of anti-doping committee of the USA (USADA) made the statement that the famous American bicycle racer Lens Armstorong stopped trying to justify oneself from suspicions of doping use. It is considered that thereby the athlete admitted the guilt, and results of his achievements will be cancelled.

Lance Armstrong is the legendary bicycle racer who finished the career in 2011. He seven times became the winner of the well-known cycle race of "Tour de France", won the bronze award at the Olympic Games in Sydney, repeatedly won other, less prestigious international competitions. He planned to leave big-time sports in 2005, but then, in 3 years returned to it and continued to participate in competitions three more years.

This person caused sympathy in sports fans, fans and colleagues not only the achievements on the track, but also strength of mind. In 1996 he was hospitalized with the diagnosis "oncology", the disease was complicated by numerous metastases. Having recovered, the athlete set up the personalized charity foundation which assists cancer patients.

According to the The Washington Post newspaper, Armstrong received the official letter with charges in the address in June, 2012. In it there were many points, each of which is rather serious. "manipulations with blood", application and distribution of banned drugs, their distribution and instigation of other athletes to their use were incriminated to the athlete. Lance refused to admit the guilt and submitted to courts of the USA claims for recognition of by the innocent twice. Both times of claims to it were dismissed. After that, in August the athlete said that he was tired to fight against the charges pursuing him recently. Having called investigation of anti-doping committee "witch-hunt", Armstrong told: "I know who won seven races "Tour de France" and my companions know about it. Nobody will be able to take away from me". Reaction of USADA was immediate. The agency head Travis Taygart reported that the statement of the bicycle racer is regarded as recognition of fault and therefore all its sporting achievements, since 1999 for 2005, will be cancelled. Along with others, Lance Armstrong deprived of the title of the winner "Tour de France", all seven victories in this competition, unfortunately, fell on the specified period.

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