Gymnastics for removal of intellectual tension

Gymnastics for removal of intellectual tension

The lack of timely rest at brainwork in total with the wrong lifestyle is capable to cause the serious condition connected with overfatigue. The physical mobility, systematic exercises helps to counteract it.

The offered set of exercises can be used in the workplace of office worker and in other cases when the person feels intellectual exhaustion in the course of the work.  

Sitting on the chair, to extend hands up, straining the back and the shoulder girdle. To hold such position up to 5 sec.

 Sitting on the chair, as much as possible to relax face muscles, to close eyes (the mandible droops). Within 30 seconds to carry out the swinging head movements aside (at slow pace).

 To extend the neck, to do kachatelny head movements in the parties (slowly). 

Standing the back to the wall, to nestle on it shoulders, the nape, the basin and heels, to cross hands on the neck behind. To hold the pose up to 2 minutes.

 Standing, to raise hands up through the parties, putting aside the leg back and caving in in the waist.

Standing facing the chair back, to hold it, to set aside the leg back as it is possible further, to bend the waist and to make several elastic movements back the trunk. 

Standing, serially to raise the legs bent in the knee, trying to touch the elbow of the opposite hand. To carry out the broadest circular motions by hands forward and back.

 To perform exercise under the name "smile": to stretch the mouth in the smile, as much as possible showing teeth. To write any word the head in air (the task improves brain blood supply).  

Performance of breathing exercises is recommended. The breath rhythm slow, with observance of four phases identical on time: "to inhale — to hold the breath — to exhale — to hold the breath". Phase duration – from 2 to 7 seconds.

 It is good to do self-massage of the head: to mass points between eyebrows, over eyebrows; to mass fingers of hands the head, imitating its washing; to pound ears palms, then, having marked ears, to put fingers to the nape, tapping on it. The last exercise promotes reduction of feeling of the sonitus, removes dizziness. Also we do massage of the neck by the stroking and pounding movements. Having closed eyes, slightly we mass eyelids, eyebrows; widely we open, and then we narrow eyes, removing stress in this area.

 You shouldn't forget about the easy and available way of rest – walking, walk in the open air. For the purpose of removal of intellectual exhaustion it is necessary to seize the chance to resemble, walk at any load.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team