How many calories are burned at run

How many calories are burned at run

Run – one of the simplest and available sports activities. Regular morning or evening jogs have the set of advantages: they revitalize the organism, load with energy and put heart, save from chronic diseases, defend in infections and help to lose excess weight thanks to the fact that during run the large number of calories is burned.

Losses of calories at run

Any physical or intellectual activity of the person forces it to lose energy which is estimated in calories. If to consume more calories, than to burn in the day, then the surplus of energy will be postponed in the form of fat under the skin or on internals, as a result people get fat.

Process of weight loss is based on simple mathematics – it is necessary to spend more energy, than to consume. In everyday life it is difficult to learn precisely how many calories contain in any given dish, or how many it was lost during jog: in the first case it is necessary to know precisely structure of products, their nutritional value and quantity, in the second stride rate, the state of health, jog duration, additional factors matter. But even approximate calculations will help to define whether there is the deficiency of calories.

The more it loses the weight of the person, the more calories during run as it is necessary to strain stronger the muscles to operate the heavy body. So, the girl weighing 50 kilograms for half an hour of run on average pace will lose about 150 Kcal, and for the same time at the same speed of people weighing over 100 kilograms will be able to burn two-three times more – up to 400 Kcal. The run speed is higher, the more efforts need to be spent therefore calories are burned quicker too: at the speed of 6 kilometers per hour for half an hour of people can lose about 150 Kcal, having dispersed up to 8 kilometers per hour, it loses more than 200 Kcal, and the experienced runners overcoming 10 and more kilometers per hour burn already about 300 Kcal.

The sprinting with the speed of 15-18 kilometers per hour allows to burn up to 1000 Kcal for half an hour, but it is impossible to sustain this loading during such long term.

Has value and the way of run – so, during interval jogs when the person serially accelerates, runs with the average speed and walks, more calories are burned. It is possible to explain this fact with available language so: the organism can't get used to the changing conditions, doesn't know what to expect at the next moment therefore it just in case starts process of fast burning of calories whereas at identical stride rate he gradually adapts and begins to save energy.

Interval jogs will allow to save time for run and to be engaged fifteen-twenty minutes.

How to lose weight by means of run

Run – not the magic way of weight loss, much isn't possible to achieve the necessary result as they don't monitor consumption of calories. Jogs force the person to lose energy which he tries to fill with more nourishing diet, the calories as a result lost return. It is also important to be engaged responsibly and regularly, several days a week at least on half an hour, and it is better on the hour. Irregular run, as well as any other non-systematic sports, doesn't lead to weight loss. But also it isn't necessary to run every day, muscles need time to have a rest.

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