How quicker to stretch legs

How quicker to stretch legs

Important part of any training program are stretching exercises of legs. Thanks to it the body becomes more flexible, the good bearing remains and the risk of emergence of injuries of ligaments and muscles decreases. The correct extension strengthens joints and does them mobile. As quicker to stretch muscles of legs?

It is required to you

  • - rug;
  • - chair.


1. Before starting the extension, it is necessary to be warmed. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to carry out the set of exercises with the necessary range. For the warming up do leg swings, jump, squat or you twist exercise bike pedals. All this will help to improve blood circulation, supply of muscle tissue with oxygen respectively will improve.

2. For performance of the first exercise receive the initial position. For this purpose lay the rug on the floor and lay down on the back, connect legs and raise them up, you hold directly. Begin to part slowly legs until there comes the feeling of discomfort. Remain in this provision of half-minute, relax. After legs more or less get used, increase leg split range.

3. Put before yourself the chair and put the straight extended leg on the back. Bend forward as it is possible further, don't curve the back. Record the pose, then do the same with other leg. This exercise promotes the extension of lumbar muscles and popliteal sinews. If you can't raise legs highly, use the stool or you hold the leg not on the chair back, and on the seat. Gradually increase height.

4. Lay down on the back and bend legs in knees. Straighten one leg, and begin to lift slowly, pull it as it is possible closer to itself. If it is difficult for you to hold the leg on weight, you can hold it for the hip or calves. The knee at the same time shouldn't be bent, repeat exercise with the second leg.

5. Sit down on the rug, place knees in the parties, and reduce feet together. Straighten the back and tuck the stomach in, slowly bend forward until you feel the nagging pain in the internal part of the hip. Become straight and try to move apart knees as it is possible further that they touched the floor. Repeat this exercise of 10-15 times.

6. Get up, you keep the case in the vertical position, take the leg the step forward (as it is possible further), record situation. The second leg at the same time has to remain the straight line (don't bend it in the knee). Continuing to hold this position, slowly squat that the knee of the straightened leg could come nearer or touch the floor. Repeat exercise with other leg, it is the excellent extension for muscles of the basin and gastrocnemius muscles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team