How to achieve the elastic breast

How to achieve the elastic breast

Women's breast – one of the most gentle parts of the body. It always attracted to itself delighted looks of men. Desire to have the beautiful forms – natural to all women. However over time the breast loses the elasticity. To return it original form, it is necessary to adhere to some councils.

1. Correctly select to yourself the bra. Wearing too free bodice leads to the breast obvisaniye, and close – to blood circulation foul. If you play sports, buy the special bra since during the occupations skin of mammary glands stretches much more actively.

2. Don't sunbathe in the summer topless. Under the influence of ultraviolet, thin and sensitive skin of the breast quickly grows old, on it there is nevus pigmentosus, and in nipples – wrinkles. Before going to the beach, surely put sun-protection means.

3. For increase in the tone of pectoral muscles do physical exercises. The simplest of them is to get up facing the wall and to lean on it hands. With all force you press on the wall for 10 seconds as if you want to remove it. Then relax, stir up hands and repeat exercise of 10 more times.

4. Connect palms before the breast, strongly press them at each other and take within 4-5 seconds. Get up directly, having slightly bent hands in elbows. Press brushes to hips and try to close elbows behind the back. You make the movement slowly, not breakthroughs, stretching muscles for 10-15 minutes. Do such occupations till 8-10 times.

5. Massage is considered one of the most effective methods of increase in elasticity of the breast. You see off it in the morning and in the evening during the shower. The small water jet mass mammary glands, directing it from edges to shoulders. After the procedure blot skin with the soft towel and apply on it nutritious cream.

6. Raise one hand up, and by other palm do the stroking movements from the middle between breasts, and then under them and in the parties to shoulders. Repeat so several times and replace hands. After that within 2-3 minutes massage both glands, slightly stroking them. Massage strengthens connecting fabrics, does skin elastic, beautiful, similar to the velvet.

7. One more way to return to the breast elasticity – rubdown by cold water. Take the linen towel, wet its water temperatures of 22 wasps, wring out and wrap up in it the breast. Then pound it both hands through crude fabric. In the minute replace the towel with dry, slightly warmed up, and careful strokings dry the breast. Each two days lower water temperature on half-degree until it reaches 13-14os. In three weeks begin to add table salt to water. It irritates the skin that strengthens blood circulation.

8. For care for skin of the breast buy special cosmetics. The nutrients prolonging skin youth are the part of such medicines: collagen, sea elastin, essential oils of the lemon, the muscat rose, pine, vitamins A and E, extracts from plants and others. The containing extracts of the horsetail, St. John's wort, ginseng, the aloe belief, hop and the oil tree are effective cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team