How to achieve the tremendous extension

How to achieve the tremendous extension

The secret of the faultless extension is not only in cunnings and the technique of trainings, but also in how you are ready for result. The moral spirit is often underestimated, but the belief in the success is already pledge of the victory.

The excellent extension can't achieve, having performed only couple of exercises several times. It is necessary to work long and hard, but the result will be stunning. In this case the saying is "Constant dropping will wear away a stone" very relevant, of course, use of various tricks and cunnings is also applicable.

What the secret of the faultless extension consists in

How to achieve the tremendous extension? The main thing is to get true pleasure from process of the extension of muscles and joints, to strive for perfection and not to stop before difficulties of occupations. It is possible to receive the good extension practically at any age. The first that needs to be done, it properly to warm the body before performance of stretching exercises. This process needs to give not less than 10-15 minutes, otherwise you risk "to tear" muscles, thereby without having achieved anything. Only well warmed body can impart skills of the tremendous extension.

The room in which stretching exercises are performed shouldn't be cold as muscles throughout all training need heat and comfort. Incorrectly those people think that the tremendous extension can achieve, doing by legs abrupt movements with big range. Quiet, slow and measured movements are satellites of the good extension of muscles and joints.

The technique promoting the productive extension

To receive the faultless extension, professional gymnasts recommend to use the following technique. It is necessary to receive the pose which will be required for study of concrete muscles. The extension consists in slow pandiculation until when the feeling of comfort borders on small pain. Having reached such situation, it is necessary to be late not less, than for 30 seconds. At this moment of the muscle work most actively and stretch to the maximum level. The training behind the training will allow you to become more flexible. It will be possible to be late in the pose of the statistical extension not 20-30 seconds, but minute and more, at the same time the border of pain will move further and further. During the training of muscles without fail it is necessary to turn the view of that part of the body which you pull. Also minutes of relaxation between approaches are very important. In this period it is necessary to weaken not only the body, but thoughts. To achieve the faultless extension, it is necessary to aspire to that muscles and sheaves were stretched symmetrically. Of course, you shouldn't wait for noticeable positive result in the week of daily trainings, but here in the month - another you will be able quite to enjoy results of the efforts.

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