How to be wrung out on fingers

How to be wrung out on fingers

Excellent exercise for strengthening of fingers of hands – push-ups from the floor on fingers. This type of push-ups practices most often in martial arts for strengthening of joints and development of tenacity of the grip in fight. Strong fingers are most resistant to injuries.


1. Push-ups on fingers – it is valid the most difficult level of exercises. For a start use all five fingers and gradually remove on one. The mass of your body will influence the thumb, and the others will cave in down. Try to hold fingers directly and slightly protruding up.

2. It is unlikely at you from the first it will turn out to be wrung out on fingers therefore learn to stand on them at first. To start twenty seconds, then forty and gradually increase time. At first be wrung out from knees, but when you feel self-confidence, begin to be wrung out from toes.

3. Place fingers in the form of the spider and put emphasis in the floor on straight arms. Slowly fall down, bending at the same time hands in elbows and parting them in the parties. Then return to the home position. If during exercise you felt strong discomfort, stop push-ups in order to avoid getting injured.

4. Be wrung out in several approaches with the small break. Remember: it is better to make on ten push-ups in four approaches, than on twenty five times in two approaches. Perform exercises until you feel average fatigue in fingers and muscles. Define for yourself the day norm calculated for sixteen hours and carry out push-ups according to the schedule of work or on mood.

5. Perform exercise correctly, the main thing that the body throughout occupations was direct. Try that buttocks didn't stick out up, the back didn't cave in, the head has to look in the floor. The landing will be deeper, the better, ideally touch the support by the breast or the tip of the nose. Systematic breath: when lowering the case take the breath, at rise – the exhalation.

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