How to begin to be engaged on the horizontal bar

How to begin to be engaged on the horizontal bar

To achieve relief outlines of the body and to strengthen force of muscles not obligatory to be exhausted in the gym with the post at all. It is possible to receive the beautiful body by means of usual, but regular trainings on the horizontal bar. The main thing is not to be lazy, and to go surely and firmly towards the planned aim.


1. Trainings on the horizontal bar include pullings up to the chin the narrow grip. This exercise is made at the expense of the press of the stomach, muscular effort of hands and direct muscles of the back. Also forearms, bicepses, small and big humeral muscles train. The program of trainings includes this exercise first of all. It is possible to curve the back at pulling up and to touch by the horizontal bar breast, but to discipline the body vertically much more effectively.

2. The following options of pullings up on the horizontal bar are possible: the narrow grip from above, raznokhvat, the narrow parallel grip, pullings up to the chest bone, the average parallel grip and pullings up for subscapular muscles. To increase result in pullings up, pay attention to time of muscles under loading. If you can be brought up only three times, make three repetitions, but then fall down for half-minute. Focusing on the part of repetitions leads to increase of results.

3. To make the relief and beautiful press, perform exercise "corner" in the hang with the raised legs. Practically everyone can make it, it doesn't demand special preparation. At regular trainings and due diligence you receive the beautiful body. Undertake the horizontal bar the average grip (shoulder width apart) and raise legs to the right angle. It is desirable that legs were straightened. Make three approaches on ten-fifteen times.

4. The following exercise quite difficult – lags on one hand, but perfectly strengthens the forearm, the biceps and the back. Be tightened on both hands, having developed at the same time palms to themselves. Lower one hand and try to keep the maximum number of seconds. Carry out this inclusion in three-four approaches once a week (not more often as this exercise strongly loads hands).

5. Pullings up by the direct average grip develop back muscles. Undertake the horizontal bar the grip equal to width of shoulders, and hang, having crossed legs and having bent the back. Being tightened, you cramp shovels and try to concern horizontal bar breast top. In the lower point completely straighten hands, it will promote the excellent extension of back muscles. Pullings up by the reverse average grip develop the broadest muscles of the back (this grip is equal to width of shoulders, but palms at the same time are turned on themselves).

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