How to force itself is less

How to force itself is less

If our consciousness is the gardener scattering seeds, then the subconsciousness is the fertile field for seeds. It is worth convincing consistently himself not to overeat - and the subconsciousness will obey to ""team"", and your body will change!

It is required to you

  • Determination and persistence


1. ""Orders"" have to be exact, logical and by all means positive, without NOT or not. Define tasks; on subconsciousness the team ""Quickly won't work lose weight!"", it is better to write down in detail that you want to remember and re-read also more often as the action program. At the same time phrases have to be optimistic.

2. Don't use the offer like ""I lose weight"" - it is unpleasant to lose in fact. You shouldn't govoroit and write ""I keep to the diet"" - usually the word ""diet"" is perceived as torture and restriction, so the negative. It is better to speak, for example, ""I perfectly look, every day becoming more harmoniously" ", " "I like vegetables" ", " "I am fond of walking - such pleasant muscle tension"", etc. Formulate the individual positive (affirmative) judgments, constantly come back to them - and the subconsciousness will respond to your instructions!

3. Strain imagination, be engaged in visualization. Relax and is figurative as at cinema, present yourself absolutely another, that what you seek to be. Think out various situations. Fix in yourself feeling from such pleasant ""video topics"" and periodically come back to them, supplementing with new details. The subconsciousness reacts to the offered ""pictures"".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team