How to gather in the beer stomach at men

How to gather in the beer stomach at men

The beer stomach grows gradually. Still yesterday it seemed to you that everything is good, but unexpectedly there came the moment, you darted the glance in the mirror and understood – he grew up also at you. At first there is the question: from where it undertook and as it to remove. And the first answer which comes to mind - all because of consumption of beer. And to get rid of this hated stomach, it is necessary just to cease to drink it. This opinion is wrong.


1. It turned out so that growth of the stomach was initially connected with beer. The more you drink it, the beer stomach grows more. It is connected, most likely with the fact that having poured in itself in several liters of beer, men receive the stretched stomach in which this beer laps some time, and the paunch because of it increases. Actually beer stimulates appetite and considerably improves comprehensibility of food. For this reason many refuse beer at once. Here not only beer stimulates appetite, and practically any alcohol. It is necessary to exclude any alcohol from the menu and it will be already easier.

2. Further it is necessary to refuse greasy and spicy food. Any sausages, cheeses, chips, mayonnaise and other products which contain animal fats. It is necessary to choose: either they – or the figure.

3. It isn't necessary to do new stocks and to actively use apples, bananas and other. The stretched stomach, got used will receive the plate of food which is washed down with the glass of beer, to demand food. Get it together and wait it so far not to decrease to the normal sizes. Drink more water – it will help to reduce ""grumble"" of the stomach.

4. Even if you began to consume food twice smaller, than earlier, then it doesn't mean that you began to eat a little. Find the calorie chart of products in network and consider how many calories you use in day, and then calculate how many they are spent in the day. It is necessary to spend more, than to use.

5. You will need a lot of persistence. Many, without having waited for results, lower hands and have a ball. It means only one – they just didn't try anything to do. Very quickly to gather in the beer stomach it won't turn out, but even for few weeks of serious restrictions in food and active physical exercises and the result will be more than is noticeable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team