How to get rid of "ears" on hips

How to get rid of "ears" on hips

"Ears", they are "riding breeches", are roundish fat ledges which are from outer side of the hip. The most interesting that their formation happens not at all women.

At someone extra kilos are distributed on all body evenly, however at others, unfortunately, fat is laid first of all on buttocks, the stomach and hips. Besides, sometimes formation of "riding breeches" is caused by features of the figure and can appear even at slender women.  

1. Refusal of fried, smoked and greasy food. The exception of sweets, fancy bread and fast food of the diet. Moderate use of starch-containing products (potatoes, rice, pasta). Consumption of enough liquid, fresh vegetables and fruit, low-fat meat, fish and fermented milk products. Generally, everything that is written about the healthy healthy nutrition, will help with fight against "ears".

2. Use of the modeling cosmetics, wrappings and massage with application of special brooms and tapes. It is possible to try can massage. Moreover, these procedures considerably will improve appearance of skin, and cellulitis will be swept much less up.

3. Active lifestyle. It concerns not only physical exercises which, certainly, are very important, but also and household activity. Don't forget about foot walks (at least 15 minutes a day). Swimming, torsion of the hulakhup and rope jumping is very useful.

Strangely enough, the simplest and available even to beginners. The main thing is to carry out them regularly, daily allocating time for occupations when nobody disturbs you.

Lay down sideways. One hand lean against the floor the elbow, the second hand arrange ahead of the case. Raise the leg which lies from above, as much as possible up. Pull the sock on yourself. Make leg swings, at the same time the leg has to be in the lower situation on weight and not touch the second leg. Now turn over on other side and repeat for the second leg. Execute on 30 times in 2-3 approaches for each leg

Get up on all fours. Raise one leg aside so that between your legs the right angle was created. The raised leg has to be parallel to the floor. Don't bend the back. Make several intensive rises, then repeat for other leg. Execute on 30 times in 2-3 approaches for each leg.

Put legs much more widely than shoulders. Socks apart. Begin to carry out squat, knees at the same time have to be sent to the parties. In the lower point of the buttock shouldn't fall lower than the level of knees. Knees have to form almost right angle. Be late for some time and return to the home position. This exercise can be performed with weighting. Repeat 20 times in 3 approaches.

Get up directly, put legs on width of shoulders. Place hands on the belt. Take the step towards one leg and bend it in the knee. Transfer weight to the bent leg. Now repeat lunge in other party. Perform exercise till 15-20 times in each party in 3 approaches.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team