How to increase the breast without operation

How to increase the breast without operation

The small breast can become the reason of complexes and diffidence. Many ladies agree to the inconsiderate act and lay down under the surgeon's knife for increase in the breast, and it isn't so safe. Actually, the desirable result can achieve in other, safer way – by means of the set of exercises.

It is required to you

  • — cover,
  • — dumbbells,
  • — chair.


1. For certain you heard about such method as technology of auto-suggestion. Thanks to it you will be able to operate the organism as it will want to you. For this purpose it is necessary before going to bed or after it it is simple to relax and present how all organism and each section of the body begin to be filled with special heat. It moves to your breast and fills it with food and oxygen. Due to growth of new cages the breast begins to increase in sizes. It is proved that thanks to such auto-suggestion, the breast actually increases several months later.

2. Lay the cover on the floor and lay down on the stomach. Put legs on thumbs, and bend hands in elbows and put palms flush with shoulders on the floor. Palms have to adjoin to the floor completely. Begin to lift gradually the top part of your body, leaning on palms and thumbs of legs, in the final point of this movement, the person has to be directed up. Hold this position within 15 seconds then receive the initial position. Do exercise of 10 times.

3. One of the most effective exercises for increase in the breast – the bench press. Lay down on the bench or on the floor, take in each hand on dumbbell (1-1.5 kilograms in everyone) and press to the breast. Slowly, from the breast lift dumbbells up, lower in initial situation. Do this exercise on eight presses, in three approaches. You can begin with the dumbbell of small weight, gradually increasing weight.

4. Sit down on the rigid chair and straighten the back. Take in each hand on dumbbell and bend in hand elbows, elbows at the same time have to be pressed to sides. Hold dumbbells at the breast. Try, without tearing off elbows from sides to part hands with dumbbells in the parties. You part hands more widely, stretching muscles. After that perform similar exercise, but, without controlling the elbows on 15 times in two approaches any more.

5. In conclusion of all exercises it is necessary to execute the extension of pectoral muscles. For this purpose so much time how many will be able to bear hands is enough to hang for a while on the horizontal bar. Or take in relaxed arms heavy dumbbells, the postoyta in such situation several minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team