How to learn playing golf

How to learn playing golf

Long since one of the greatest games for gentlemen is golf. At the time of its cultivation and today in many countries this sport was and remains the prerogative of people from society. Golf provides certain rules of conduct and regulations: tidy appearance, good manners and courtesy of the player. Each person wishing to learn to play him has to remember it.


1. It is quite simple to study this game. Participants can be different qualification and level of training, and the referee isn't necessary as before the exit in the field each player receives the special card for accounting of the made kicks and determination of result.

2. Before starting training in playing golf, it is necessary to get the club. But at first attend several trial classes, solve whether this sport suits you, and only then buy equipment. Consider that experts recommend not to be spent for objects from the famous producers. If you get expensive club, and aren't able to play golf yet, then it can be understoodly skilled players as nasty taste.

3. Pay attention to footwear for playing golf: it shouldn't spoil the lawn. Some play in usual sports sneakers on the flat sole, but it is possible to buy special boots with soft spikes. They are on sale in specialized salons or online stores.

4. The purpose of playing golf is simple: it is necessary to pass 18 holes. In each hole the fixed number of the kicks possible is made for its passing. When on one hole three kicks are provided – it call the minimum PAR when five kicks the maximum PAR are given. It is worth noticing that for playing golf there are fields only with PAR 3, PAR 4 and PAR 5, and the PAR 2 and PAR 6 fields don't happen.

5. As a rule, the player passes 18 holes for 72 kicks. For example, you have to pass the fourth hole of PAR 5, having made five kicks. If you manage to achieve it for one kick, then you will make Hole in One and bring figure 1 in the card. In case this hole is passed by you for two kicks, you will make Double Eagle, and will bring figure 2 in the card and it is so allowed to ten kicks.

6. If for ten kicks you didn't manage to pass any of 18 holes, then you leave the game. After all 18 holes are passed, your earned points are summarized and on them the results are summed up. The winner in golf the one who scored the smallest quantity of points is considered.

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