How to learn to brake on rollers

How to learn to brake on rollers

First the beginner has various problems and feeling of uncertainty when training in skating. But to learn to ride freely and correctly it is possible to brake quickly enough.

In the first days it is necessary to load on the maximum legs for the training to learn to hold balance and to arrange the organism under the new way of movement. The important role is played by the defense therefore the beginning roller should stock up with the helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. It will help to feel more more surely and to avoid injuries, bruises and grazes.

At the initial stage the task consists in training routines which follows, will repeat and to focus attention that at first not everything will turn out. To begin to master the first movements it is necessary on the open and wide area with the plain surface. The main problem for the beginner is braking. At first it seems pretty unreal task, but it is necessary to find the correct approach only.

Choice of rollers

Even upon purchase of rollers it is necessary to pay attention to existence of the rubber brake attached to the frame behind the last wheel of new model. Generally on roller skates the safe braking as it is meant that the buyer owns driving bases isn't established. Therefore your preferences concerning new model should be discussed with the selling assistant. But such way of braking though effective, but has the minuses. First, at its use in difficult situations the braking will be longer, and, secondly, the brake can complicate considerably performance of some tricks and exercises.

What to do if rollers without brake

If on your rollers the rubber braking isn't established, you don't hurry to be upset. There are also "non-technical" types of braking about which each beginning roller needs to know. For example, when someone can secure you or you can hold trees, the handrail, fences, catching at which you can be twisted around and stop without injuries. Also, if you gained high speed and understand that you can't stop, then it is necessary to develop the right roller perpendicular to left, wheels will cease to turn, and you stop. But it is quite difficult to carry out such braking therefore you should be trained well at first at the small speed. Train more, try to brake and be not afraid to fall, on mistakes study. Best of all set the object for yourself: to pass the certain route and to try to slow down in different ways. Each time distances it is possible to increase and perform exercises more difficult.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team