How to learn to do somersaults

How to learn to do somersaults

Somersaults - the basic gymnastic movement necessary not only for development of the body but also as preparatory exercise before more difficult acrobatic exercises.

It is required to you

  • - Mat tatami.


1. The gymnastic somersaults become exactly in the area of the backbone. Because of it it is carried out only on the soft surface, such as mat tatami, otherwise the backbone with guarantee will hit against the floor. To make somersaults, sit down in the full squat, you hold knees before yourself. Put hands at some distance ahead of yourself, draw in the head and be rolled forward, beginning contact with the floor with the neck and having pushed itself hands. Try not to weaken the press that legs were tightened to the body during somersaults, otherwise spin will be gone and you will just sit down. The gymnastic somersaults are useful first of all as preparatory exercise before the front somersault therefore your task is to achieve the largest speed of torsion and the smallest distance demanded for the turn.

2. The gymnastic backward somersault is used less often. Pay attention that the backward somersault won't be "specular reflection" front, however the principle is applied similar. Sit down in the full squat and "fall on the back". At the same time it is important to hold it rounded, otherwise you will just hit against the floor layer. Take away hands for secure back and take away the head sideways to avoid kick. Has to turn you generally at the expense of inertia.

3. Shoulder rolling is applied on rigid surfaces. Having fulfilled its dozen times on the tatami it is necessary to pass to the wooden floor since only this way you will feel where you make the mistake: the correct somersaults not to hurt even on asphalt. In the full squat put one hand in front of yourself, and take away the second for the case so that the shoulder was given forward (you take away the right hand to the left). Mentally draw from the right shoulder through all back diagonal, and try to move to somersaults time on it. You have to leave will be so that it was possible to straighten immediately legs and to pass to run.

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