How to learn to jump in volleyball

How to learn to jump in volleyball

High bounce in volleyball – one of the most effective and effective game elements. Fortunately, there is no special volleyball jump. The technique of the jump from the course is identical both to volleyball, and to basketball, and to parkour, and even to rhythmic gymnastics. In a word, for any kind of sport where strong legs and ability at the right time sharply and strongly are necessary to make a start and fly up as it is possible above, slightly helping itself hands. The program of exercises for development of spring ability is used identical.

It is required to you

  • - post;
  • - platform 55-60 cm high;
  • - platform 15-20 cm high;
  • - dumbbell weighing 1.5 kg.


1. It is very important to fulfill the technique of the jump with use of the stopping step up. Otherwise kinetic energy continues to take out the body forward, and the bounce remains insufficiently high up.

2. Take the wide step forward the take-off foot, when setting the leg the knee is slightly bent, the case slightly forward. After that the short step the swing leg, foot is developed slightly inside, and all case slightly turns towards the take-off foot. At the same time both hands are in parallel taken away as much as possible back. Then the take-off foot make the added step push with the vyprygivaniye up. Too sharply go to this moment of the hand up and help to push out the case. Having mastered steps, carry out the jump from the course, trying to touch by reference point hands: goal nets, basketball ring, mark in the vertical wall. You make contact with serially right hand, left and two hands at the same time.

3. Bend legs in knees and undertake the post the upper grip. Hands are located on the signature stamp slightly more widely than shoulders. You hold the straight line back. Slightly cramp shovels and cave in in the waist. Straighten legs and get up. Repeat exercise of 6-8 times. Have a rest 30 seconds and pass to the second exercise.

4. Get up directly. Hands are freely lowered along the case. In each hand on dumbbell. Sit down on hunkers. Don't round the back, you look directly before yourself. Jump out of the provision of the deep squat as it is possible above. Land softly, on halfbent legs. Without being late, again fall to the low squat and repeat. Make 8 jumps. Have a rest 3 minutes and repeat the set from two exercises once again.

5. Get up directly facing the steady bench or the high platform. Raise hands up, then take away them back as if for swing, be at the same time bent in the case and sit down. Having thrown out hands forward, jump on the bench. Go down. Execute 6-8 jumps. Have a rest 30 seconds and you pass to the following exercise.

6. Get up directly. Conveniently put the post on shoulders. Undertake the signature stamp the upper grip. Slightly bend knees and slightly bend the back in the waist. Slowly bend forward so that the corpus became parallel to the floor. Be straightened. Execute 8 repetitions. Have a rest three minutes and repeat the set from the third and fourth exercise once again.

7. Get up the right side to the low platform. To the right of the platform at distance of 60-70 cm put not heavy dumbbell. Having made a start two legs, jump sideways through the platform. Having landed between the platform and the dumbbell, quickly sit down and lift the dumbbell. Now jump together with the dumbbell back. Shift the dumbbell in other hand and lower it on the floor to the left of yourself. Jump through the platform. Return, quickly sit down and lift the dumbbell. Repeat jumps and rises at fast pace within 30 seconds. Squats have to be deep, and jumps sharp. Only legs work, don't round the back and don't lower the look. Have a rest 30 seconds and pass to jumps from the high platform.

8. Get up on the high platform. Make the strong arms swing and jump off down. Be not late, make a start two legs and jump out as it is possible above, tightening knees to the breast. Return on the platform. Execute 10-12 jumps. Have a rest three minutes and repeat the set from the fifth and sixth exercise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team