How to learn to jump on the jump rope

Some unfairly consider that it is useful for children to jump on the jump rope only. But, except fun, jumps burn excess calories and practically all muscles force to strain. Therefore to learn to jump on the jump rope important that who keeps the figure.

How to choose the jump rope

Jumps on the jump rope bring into the tone practically all muscles. In addition, jumps are cardioexercise. As a result the body quickly takes fit look, excess weight leaves, and the endurance of the organism is added. When choosing the jump rope it is necessary to pay special attention not on its appearance, and at length. In the look folded double the jump rope has to equal to length from the armpit to the floor. Otherwise to learn will jump on the jump rope very hard. 

Jump ropes for fitness have no handles. Instead of them on the ends small knots are made. For power exercises jump ropes with weighting compounds are used. Also on sale it is possible to meet jump ropes with counters of jumps. But for training it is the best of all to take the most usual jump rope.

How to learn to jump on the jump rope

To learn to jump on the jump rope, it is necessary to find the quiet and peaceful place. Whenever possible it is better to do exercises on the street. Indoors it is worth paying attention to height of ceilings and lack of the furniture hindering the movement of the jump rope. It is ideal if jumps are carried out at least 15 minutes without interruption. It is worth carrying out exercise 3 times a week, allowing muscles to be restored on the weekend.

During jumps try to breathe only the nose. It is necessary to land not on all foot, and on socks, easy fluent movements. Knees at the time of landing have to be slightly bent. For a start it is better to do slow spins. It will help to impart feeling of the rhythm. Shoulders during jumps don't work, only hands are used. The jump rope shouldn't whip on the floor. All actions have to be smooth, without strong tension. If nevertheless pain or tension in muscles developed, then it is better to interrupt the training. 

To learn to jump on the jump rope, it is necessary to try to hang as long as possible in air.

In order that the training on the jump rope was the most effective, it is necessary to do as long as possible exercise without interruption. At the same time energy to be spent more during high bounces.

Contraindications for jumps on the jump rope

Despite all efficiency and advantage it is authorized to not all people to carry out jumps on the jump rope. Before trying to learn to jump on the jump rope it is worth descending to the doctor. Only if the expert excludes obesity, diseases of joints or the cardiovascular system, it is possible to begin to do this exercise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team