How to learn to roller-skate

How to learn to roller-skate

Skating carries away not only children, but also there are enough adults. This in general universal occupation. To learn to ride roller skates easily. Only it is necessary to allocate time for persistent trainings constantly.


1. At first you need to learn to establish balance between the speed and force of pushes, to bend knees and the waist. Warm up the joints and knees, warm muscles, other word. Begin to ride in lower situation. Try to obtain whenever possible the bend in knees to 90 lakes.

2. As it is correct to stand on rollers. Put on rollers? Get up. Hands arrange before yourself, having bent them at an angle 45o in elbows to the body. Bend knees so that your weight fell by skates. You watch that the shin was over the sock. Take gradually the step forward, leaving the left roller behind. You roll forward the exposed leg that her heel was located over the sock of your pivot foot.

3. When you want to slow down, expose the leg forward, focus body weight on the second leg which is behind. You brake smoothly and free the leg at feeling of stability.

4. For turn you hold legs approximately shoulder width apart. Slightly you will expose the leg forward (for left turn – left, to the right - right). The heel of that leg that it is exposed forward, has to be over the sock of the second leg. You press on external sides of roller wheels of the leg which is ahead. Displace the body, legs and hips in the necessary party for completion of turn.

5. Now about sliding. Expose the left leg forward, bend knees. Do the push by means of use of the inner edges of the right roller. Now make a start from the right fad and you slide the left fad forward, body weight has to be distributed over it. Change legs and again try. Slowly disperse from one to other fad.

6. Focus weight on the foot sock. Here and there make a start legs, and not just forward the back part and consistently strengthen the push. Weight from one roller to another needs to be moved completely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team