How to make buttocks ideal

How to make buttocks ideal

Elastic roundish buttocks look very appetizingly. And the choice of clothes becomes much simpler when it isn't necessary to jump aside from the fitting or too free objects of clothes. In the fitting or loose pants, shorts, dresses and skirts the elastic and tightened lower body will attractively look. But to be proud of the buttocks, it is necessary to work for a start over them.


1. UprazhneniyaChtoba to make the bottom elastic, daily perform the complex of special exercises for this part of the body. Enter it: - the exercises in plie style representing squats with the knees developed in the parties; - exercises squats of various depth with procrastination of hips back (present that you try to sit down the edge of buttocks on the edge of the seat of the chair); - exercises lunges forward, back, in the parties. They become so: squatting, throw out one leg forward as if you take the step. Lunges are carried out also back, but the step is taken back, at lunges aside during squat the leg walks aside; - exercises with the leg abduction back from the standing position or on all fours. Not less than 15 repetitions and 3 approaches have to fall on each of exercises. The number of trainings in the week – not less than three. If buttocks flat, and muscles grow badly, the number of trainings in the week needs to be increased. If you train in gym, give preference to the stepper, the step aerobics and to the elliptic exercise machine. trackand exercise bikeIt is better to leave running till the best times.

2. MassazhAntitsellyulitnyy, honey, vacuum massage – good means to modify the volume of buttocks, to get rid of cellulitis, to make the bottom tightened and elastic. The majority of massage procedures becomes in salon, but some can be carried out also at home. For example, acquire in drugstore rubber banks for vacuum massage and daily study zones of buttocks, without having forgotten to oil previously skin massage.

3. Various wrappings also give ObertyvaniyaHoroshiy effect. They allow to get rid of cellulitis, to make skin of buttocks elastic, elastic, to reduce volumes. It is possible to carry out wrappings as in salon, and at home. Try to make honey wrapping. Apply the thin layer of the liquid honey mixed with 5 drops of essential oil of grapefruit to skin of buttocks wrap up this place in food wrap and climb under the blanket for 60-90 minutes. In one or one and a half hours wash away honey.

4. The diet If volumes of hips don't leave the place for erotic imaginations, reconsider the diet. Exclude from it high-carbohydrate products, the refined food. Replace rolls, sugar, pasta, fat pork and sausage with fish, vegetables, low-fat types of meat and the bird, fruit.

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