How to make the stomach flat, but without cubes

How to make the stomach flat, but without cubes

Wishes to have the flat and elastic stomach almost everyone. However many ineptly start working over themselves and as a result receive not too esthetic, often "pumped over" stomach with cubes. To create the ideal relief from press muscles, adhere to the recommendations of experts.

It is required to you

  • Rug for occupations, 20-30 minutes of time daily.


1. Begin the training with warm-up lasting 5-7 minutes. Well to warm stomach muscles, do bendings, turns and circular motions by the trunk.

2. Lay down on the floor, extend hands along the trunk, and bend legs in knees, having put on all foot. Then raise the basin over the floor up to the emphasis, record it in this situation. Don't relax and don't touch the floor by buttocks, you won't feel yet how on muscles heat spreads. Repeat exercise seven more times.

3. Pump over the upper and lower muscles of the stomach. For this purpose from the prone position having put hands on the breast, raise over the floor at first the top part of the trunk, and then the extended legs. Each exercise is also desirable to repeat eight times.

4. Perform exercise "twisting". For this purpose lay down on the back, bend hands in elbows and put them for the head. Bend legs in knees. Serially reach the elbow of the right hand to the left knee, the elbow of the left hand – to right. This exercise is effective for lifting of oblique muscles of the stomach.

5. Finish occupations with any kind of cardioloading as active movements promote combustion of fat in the waist and also tighten muscles of all body. In the sensational book by doctor Amen of Daniel Gregory "Change the brain – also the body will change" it is said that cardioloadings improve metabolism and promote reduction of subsidence of fats in the organism. You can choose run, walking, swimming or driving the bicycle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team