How to normalize itself after holidays

How to normalize itself after holidays

The next holidays can be remembered not only joyful communication, but also plentiful meals, excessive libations. And now it is necessary to pay for it with discomfort in the stomach and other unpleasant feelings. To help the organism it is possible to be restored, return to normal by means of simple receptions quicker.


1. Begin with restraint of appetite, try to calm down the digestive tract. Good derivation from thoughts of food – the aromatherapy. Inhale smells of mint, vanilla, almonds. Use aromalamps with orange, eucalyptus, pine oils. Their smells are capable to dip feeling of hunger significantly.

2. Drink as much as possible. Mineral water, green tea, grass infusions will help to adjust work of intestines. Dissolve the tablespoon of juice of the lemon and two dessertspoons of honey in the glass of boiled water. Drink this mix in the morning before food that the organism was cleaned from slags. Juice will help too, but only freshly squeezed.

3. Don't create the stress for the organism, beginning to starve or going on the rigid diet. Make thrifty use of yourself, eat gradually, but it is frequent, have no snack. Before going to bed drink the glass of kefir or eat apple that in the dream not to hunger and at the same time not to overload the stomach.

4. Lean on the citrus, they contain useful vitamins and promote reduction of feeling of hunger. Don't ignore the fermented milk products rich with calcium – cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir. And here salty it is necessary to reduce to the minimum – it increases appetite. Include fruit, berries, vegetables in the diet – they will help to bring cholesterol out of the organism.

5. You cheer quickly up and loaded with energy if you take the alternating douche. It strengthens vessels, blood begins to circulate better, exchange processes in the organism are normalized, the state considerably improves.

6. Whenever possible walk more: fresh air and exercise stresses will restore the organism tone, will help to lose the excess weight gained during holidays. Play sports: ski, swim, run. Try to forget about the elevator – walking on the ladder perfectly revitalizes. Clear-out in the apartment will help to improve the figure too and will add cheerfulness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team