How to pick up the ski suit

How to pick up the ski suit

Skiing – very popular type of sport and active holiday for thousands of people worldwide. But before going to the track, it is necessary to pick up skis and the suit correctly. The last has to correspond to several important parameters.


1. Make the competent choice of the first layer of clothes. In fact, at first you need to put on the good layered clothing which would keep warmly long time. It is necessary to approach this step responsibly. It has to be made of synthetic materials with special structure. Besides heat preservation, the layered clothing removes moisture, thereby supporting thermal control. Don't save at all on the choice of this layer of linen as the usual clothes from cotton won't keep so heat. It will make driving unpleasant and even hazardous to health.

2. Pick up to yourself the second layer. The good warming clothes have to become it. Buy the good knitted jersey. Also the special clothes will be suitable for mountain skiers from fleece. Consider, of course, the financial opportunities. Anyway, the second layer is necessary for effective removal of moisture from the surface of the body and heat preservation.

3. Choose the third layer for alpine skiing walk. Buy the jacket and trousers which are made of windproof fabric. It has to defend you in wind and snow well. Also this layer is necessary for removal of moisture from within. It is possible to manage of course and those trousers and the jacket which you already have for winter weather. But hardly they can be adapted for driving on steep snow slopes in cold weather.

4. Pay attention to vapor permeability of the suit. It is the indicator of that, how many water it can pass per day. Also ask sellers in specialized shop on the water resistance of the suit which was pleasant to you. The it can sustain bigger amount of moisture before soaking, the better. That is, try to choose those clothes at which these parameters will be higher.

5. Be convinced also that seams on the alpine skiing suit are well glued. That how many you will be able to use it will depend on this indicator. The better seams are made, the longer you will ride without fear to tear the suit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team