How to warm up the back

How to warm up the back

Each person in life faces such physical inconvenience as painful or just unpleasant feeling in own back. The state will help to avoid this phenomenon or to facilitate the special gymnastics influencing muscles of the back and the backbone. It is recommended to include these exercises in morning exercises or to carry out them during the day when felt tension in the back.


1. Sit down buttocks on heels or on the chair (if you are at work), link hands behind in the lock. On the breath open the thorax, take away shoulders back, raise hands as much as possible up. Hold the pose within 1 minute. With the exhalation lower hands down, round the back, lower the upper body to knees and completely relax.

2. Lay down on the stomach, put hands under shoulders, lean socks against the floor. On the breath tear off the upper body from the floor, gradually straightening hands, be extended behind the top up. You hold the pose of 20-30 seconds. With the exhalation completely fall by the floor. If you are at work and can't perform exercise in such option, then use the chair or the bench for the changed version. Rest palms against the seat, socks of legs arrange on the floor, lower the breast to fingers of hands. On the breath stretch the case up and perform exercise, as well as in the first option.

3. Sit down in Turkish on the floor, you hold the back directly, palms on a lap. On the breath put the right hand on the left knee, be twisted in the backbone along its axis to the left and look for the shoulder. Don't round the back, pull the top up, you breathe exactly. In 1 minute receive the home position and repeat twist to the right, having put the left palm on other knee. Office option can be carried out on the chair. Sit down directly, the foot on the floor. On the breath be twisted to the right in the backbone, both palms try to arrange on the chair back. You hold 1 minute given the pose. With the exhalation be untwisted and repeat exercise in other party.

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