How to play chess by rules

How to play chess by rules

Chess is both sport, and science, and art. It is played on the board with 64 cages between two opponents, figures of two flowers – light and dark are used ("black" and "white"). Play chess by chess rules at the ordinary game, by tournament rules of FIDE – for games online, by phone, etc. Rules for national variations can differ.

1. The game board is divided into square cages, the size is 8х8 cages across fields are designated by Latin letters from a to h, and down in figures from 1 to 8. thus, coordinates, for example, of b4 can be given to any cage. On color of the cage alternate – black and white so the adjoining cages always different color.

2. Each player has about 16 figures of one color – white or black. The game is begun white who will get them, draw or special tournament orders defines.

3. Figures by certain rules go. Any figure doesn't go in the field with the figure of the same color but only in the field of the opponent. The figure of the opponent is considered taken when cleans up from the board during the course. The figure the elephant goes in any diagonal direction on which it costs. The boat goes to any field down or across, departing from its cage. The queen can go to any field down, across or on diagonal from the cage on which costs. These three figures during these courses can't cross through fields on which there are other figures. The horse can go to one of the next from the water, but not on the same vertical, the horizontal or diagonal.

4. The king can go to any neighboring field which wasn't attacked by any figure of the opponent. Figures are attacked by the field even if they can't go.

5. Also the king can go ""castling"". It when the king moves from one of boats of the color on the extreme horizontal, and it is considered one course of the king. There is it so: the king moves from the home field on two fields in the direction of the boat, then the boat steps over the king on the last field crossed by it. Castling can't be carried out if the king already resembled or if already the boat went.

6. The course is considered made when the player took away the hand from the figure after moved it on the free field. The player who delivered the mat to the king of the opponent is considered the winner.

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