How to pump up bicepses of hands

How to pump up bicepses of hands

The trained bicepses are necessary not only to the athlete. It is possible to pump up these and other muscles of hands a number of ways. The most rational of them is use of the so-called gyroscopic exercise machine.


1. Buy the gyroscopic exercise machine for the hand. You don't chase expensive models of eminent producers if you are going to use the simulator for its direct designated purpose - for the training and rehabilitation of muscles, but not with the purpose to set up spin frequency records.

2. Learn to start the exercise machine. For this purpose turn its rotor until the opening for the lace insert seems. Insert into it the lace and wrap it a little more, than on one turn of the rotor.

3. Having taken the exercise machine in the right hand, quickly pull out the lace. The rotor will begin to rotate slowly.

4. Immediately begin to untwist the exercise machine, increasing range of speeds. Don't try to swing it, to describe big circles as the people who aren't knowing "secret" yet usually try to do it. Just rotate the palm in which the device, here and there is clamped in the hand axis. If you make everything correctly, then even the most inexpensive exercise machine will be untwisted in only thirty-forty seconds prior to the speed at which it as it is neatly noticed in the English Wikipedia, makes approximately the same sound as the boat motor. At the same time you will feel the increased loading. Be careful not to drop the device as you weren't accustomed to it yet.

5. Having mastered the main methods of use of the device, pass to performance of the exercise which is specially directed to strengthening mainly of bicepses of hands. For this purpose, having untwisted the exercise machine rotor, not terminating maintenance of its spin, bend the hand Latin letter V so that the fist with the exercise machine clamped in it appeared at the same height, as the shoulder, and the elbow was below. The corner in which the hand is bent has to be close to direct. Evenly to pump up bicepses of both hands, it is possible to shift periodically the exercise machine from one of them in another (he at the same time won't manage to stop).

6. In the first two days of the training of bicepses in the specified way you will feel small finger pain, especially, little fingers. Then, in process of accustoming, this feeling has to disappear almost completely. If it didn't occur, consult with the doctor, and he will prompt as it is better to correct the training method.

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