How to pump up the press in 8 minutes in day of the house

How to pump up the press in 8 minutes in day of the house

To be engaged in preparation for the beach season never late. Begin already now and pump up the press in one month, using the eight-minute number of exercises. You need to find only free 8 minutes every day!

It is required to you

  • - application with the mobile phone timer;
  • - gymnastic rug;
  • - the aired room;
  • - comfortable sportswear.


1. Each exercise in this set is performed for 45 seconds, all of approaches 11. It is necessary to carry out them every day and in the month you receive really worthy result. Prepare the workplace and begin.

2. The first exercise is the standard twisting. You need to lift the case literally on one third of full range. That is it isn't necessary to touch by elbows of knees as you got used to do at physical education classes at school. Movements become smoothly, measuredly, even slowly, your task is to work the muscle.

3. The second exercise is the contact with elbows of knees. Lying on the back with the bent knees touch by the right elbow of the left knee, the left elbow - right. At first work one elbow of 45 seconds, then 45 seconds another.

4. In the following movement your task is to receive such pose that between your case and knees there was the right angle, under the same corner also knees have to be bent. Touch ankles finger-tips, raising the case by analogy with the first exercise.

5. In this exercise bend knees, hands lie on the floor as the photo. You need to do small raisings by the case, in parallel with the podgibaniye of the bent knees towards the breast. When it becomes very difficult, stop to do movements by the upper body, leave only podgibaniye of legs.

6. This exercise on oblique muscles of the press. From the prone position direct your basin and legs aside, as shown in the photo. Further do reductions by the building and the left elbow towards the opposite knee of 45 seconds. Do the same with other party, turn over on other side.

7. In this movement cross fingers on hands and extend hands forward, your knees are bent as it is made in the photo. On each repetition last tips of palms as it is possible further between legs.

8. The raising of legs lying. Your knees are bent, hands on the floor, situation on the back remains invariable. From this situation raise legs up, it is desirable together with the basin.

9. By analogy with the second exercise touch by elbows of knees. During approach do at first by one elbow, then another.

10. Put fingers on press muscles, as on the picture. Then do ordinary twisting, in one third of full range. Fingers are put to experience reductions of the muscle.

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