"How to reach balance of a sattva, a radzhas and a tamas

"How to reach balance of a sattva, a radzhas and a tamas

Huns — very widespread subject of the Indian philosophy which occurs in the majority of the ancient writing. She takes not the last place in yoga and Ayurveda. Huns influence human life. They are shown in all the world around. If to understand them, then it will help both with yoga, and with other Vedic system of self-development, advancing on a spiritual way and life.

Value of the Sanskrit term

Let's consider what is Huns. In the Veda it is mentioned that all live three states — clemency, passion and ignorance govern. It is also Huns. The word of "Hun" is meant literally by "rope", and its deep value — "quality, property". Guna is the energy painting all live with soul in different qualities of reality.

In the material nature Huns govern three. They mix up therefore it seems that there is a lot of them. The same spiritual being, appearing under the influence of various Gong, has different behavior.

Huns influence the interests of people, their behavior, desires, mood and other. They influence everything: on communication, study, science, religion, education of children. This energy everywhere, and our thoughts — not an exception. Huns — as ropes of the material nature which entangle everything, being weaved among themselves for increase in force.

Whether you know? The Veda are knowledge of the structure of the world surrounding us. They help to distinguish the real nature of people. The Veda were written by Vyasadev's wise man in Sanskrit about 5 thousand years ago.

Concept and functions Mental Dosch

For influence recognition Gong it is necessary to study their signs.


Gong of clemency there is a sattva. It is shown by justice, freshness of feelings, patience, prudence, sincerity, joy, self-control, tranquility, force, health, shame for ill effects, management of feelings, satisfaction, clear consciousness, religiousness, determination. To live in a sattva is and there is happiness as irrespective of circumstances at the person everything is good, it has a great mood, and he wishes same to all surrounding. Being in energy of clemency, the person receives knowledge, feels satisfied and leads a clean life.

The lack of joy, happiness and tranquility leads to probema with health. So, without feeling of joy it is impossible to resist effectively to the stress which is, as we know, the frequent reason of diseases of heart and a hypertension. Even small inflow of joy gives to the person a cheerfulness charge, raises and strengthens his immunity and also lowers arterial blood pressure.

People who are under the influence of a sattva:

  • appreciate qualities of character;
  • are clean, tidy;
  • blame themselves for troubles;
  • talk simply and politely;
  • begin to live with morning;
  • are happy in today.

People in clemency too get used fortunately.

Important! Hobby for happiness leads to the fact that the person wants to keep the state, and he begins to fight for existence, gradually appearing under influence Huns of passion.


Gong of passion — radzhas. It is characterized by the fact that the person wishes to receive fruits of the works urgently. Also he cannot control the desires. It is shown by avarice, inclination, attachment, desire to fight, alarm, heroism, courage, by force, enterprise, courage, desire of bigger success, false pride, loss of spiritual knowledge, nobility, ability to direct, periodic sufferings, justification of the actions, charity for the sake of prestige.

Our world generally stays in a radzhasa as all compete among themselves around, try to reach and keep material values in every way. Happiness is shown so: let at me and my family everything will be remarkable, and it is unimportant that is created in the world. The satisfaction in Gongye of passion lasts not for long, for example, bought the new car and the whole month is happy, and then there is a wish for something new again.

It will be interesting to you to learn as: to quickly wake up, improve the memory and health and also how to get rid of fatigue.

People who are under the influence of a radzhas:

  • use everything for the benefit;
  • estimate appearance, clothes;
  • too strongly use spirits;
  • accuse of the failures destiny, people;
  • in communication use scientific words, terms;
  • begin to live in the afternoon;
  • believe that happiness ahead.

Because of greed the people are involved in rough activity, getting used to it and results. The person lasts above and above, works more. At him the exhaustion begins to collect, and he wants to have a rest. He relaxes, taking alcoholic beverages, spending time in bars and clubs. Degradation results, and begins to affect the person Gong of ignorance.


Gong of ignorance — tamas. It leads to destruction. Has inaction, hostility, nonsense, laziness, a long dream, a lie, obstinacy, hypocrisy, insult of others, melancholy, greed, eternal weariness, fears, grief, misfortune, weakness to junk food, godlessness.

All actions are connected with rage and violence. For example, the person taking a lot of alcohol or narcotic substances exists under the influence of this Huns. Happiness is understood so here: let it will be good only to me. But about true happiness there cannot be also a speech here. Having appeared under guny a tamasa, the person loses mind and falls by a bottom. It leads to full degradation.

It is important! If people do nothing for the eminence of the consciousness, and just live, then they will fall below and below, to animal forms of existence.

People who are under the power of a tamas:

  • do not reckon with anybody, live for themselves;
  • careless, unscrupulous;
  • have a smell of alcohol, cigarettes;
  • always blame people around;
  • talk strictly, using a mat;
  • begin to live in the evening;
  • consider that happiness behind.

How to reach balance of vital energy

If tamas and radzhas influence in itself, then the sattva needs to be developed. Let's consider how to reach balance of vital energy.

Destruction of a tamas

To destroy tamas, it is necessary to remove laziness, passivity, a depression from the life and to begin active actions. It is also necessary to set specific goals and to reach them. People under influence Huns of ignorance are not recommended to meditate, pray or be engaged in other passive means of a sattva, otherwise they can fall asleep. These people need to be engaged in active work, to build temples, not to criticize, not to offend, be engaged in mobile types of yoga and sport. Still it is necessary to take a shower every day, to try to smile more often and laugh even if at first it will be affected. It is important to remove dirt the house and clothes.

Suppression of a radzhas

Understanding that too active lifestyle contradicts laws of the nature will help to pacify radzhas, saving people from health and happiness. It is impossible to pursue the egoistical ideas, otherwise it leads to mental disorders and various diseases. It is necessary to serve and give disinterestedly, without telling about it to anybody.

It is necessary to learn to see pain of others and to show sympathy. It is necessary to practice yoga, physical exercises, but at slow speed, without overloading itself. It is recommended to meditate or do to Pranayam, concentrating on breath, repeating a prayer and wishing good luck to all.

Among extended the practician of yoga except Pranayama, it is necessary to call still such as: Ayengara, Mandala, Mule of a bandh, Jalandhar bandha, Uddiyana of a bandh, Fly yoga, Bhakti yoga, akroyoga, kriyya-yoga, prana yoga and yoga-challenge.

Cultivation of a sattva

The traditional system of the Indian medicine (Ayurveda) says that the sattv can grow, using healthy food, abstaining from toxins, alcohol. It is important to have a healthy and full-fledged sleep as it positively affects clarity and quality of mind.

Also it is recommended to walk outdoors, to listen to songs of birds and a sound of wind. It is necessary to get positive emotions and to fix the friendly relations. If in life of people there is no love and care, then it can damage a sattva more, than bad and harmful food.

Whether you know? Ayurveda — very ancient science which arose during era of "Golden Age", about 5 thousand years ago. At the same time there was also a yoga.

It is necessary for cultivation of a sattva:

  • to be patient to all;
  • to work after careful consideration;
  • to avoid rage and criticism even if people around deserve it;
  • every day to allocate time for communication with friends and rest;
  • to wake up with the sunrise, to admire every day a decline;
  • to eat easy food;
  • to express generosity, to give gifts and pleasant words.

Huns of the material nature penetrate all our essence and force to experience that happiness which the person deserved. The main thing is to define what Gong dominates over you and to try to reach balance of vital energy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team