Pluses and minuses of extreme sport

Pluses and minuses of extreme sport

Extreme sport becomes popular among the large number of people. Both the youth, and the people of more advanced age dreaming to receive thrills is engaged in it. However, as well as in any kind of sport, there are pluses and minuses here.

Pluses of extreme sports

Occupations parkour, rock-climbing, parachute jumps or snowboarding are the great way to overcome the fears. Having seriously been engaged in BASE jumping, you will precisely get rid of fear of planes, and after downhill skiing any roller coaster will seem you the children's attraction.

Extreme sports add self-confidence. Besides, it is the great way to involve attention from outside of the fair sex. What girl will refuse to go on the date with the biker thrill-seeker? And the young lady parachutist will have with guarantee the mass of enthusiastic admirers. Besides, at occupations incomparable emotions arise extreme sports, and it helps to struggle with the stress perfectly. Add to it the production of endorphins arising at any exercise stress, and any cavils of the administration won't be able to anger you or to offend.

One more plus - extreme sport demands good physical shape, so, your body will be strong and trained. Also occupations such sports cause the accelerated work of heart and increase in respiratory activity that trains cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Mountain climbing, snowboarding, parachute jumps, diving, parkour, the road-jumping and surfing belongs to the most popular extreme sports.

Minuses of extreme sports

The most obvious minus of extreme sports is the danger to life and health. Though the proper technique and the good equipment minimize this risk, accidents nevertheless occur regularly. As minus it is possible to consider also the excessive tension of all systems of the organism. Training excessively much, athletes not only overload muscles and sheaves, but also wear out heart. Constant splashes of adrenaline aren't really useful to health too. It is possible to avoid these consequences, having limited trainings. But extreme sport is similar to dependence - having tried once, there is a wish to continue constantly.

Sometimes occupations the extreme are manifestation of the autoaggression - the activity directed to causing to itself harm. This phenomenon arises because of mental fouls.

It is possible to carry to minuses also the peculiar lifestyle of the inveterate thrill-seeker. Often only adherents are capable to support constant search of new impressions, mad pace of life and regular risky actions of the athlete. The family of the thrill-seeker often performs against such sport that it leads to the conflicts. The last, but important minus of extreme sport is its high cost. The good equipment demands serious expenses. Also additional resources, for example, for rise on assigned altitude can be necessary for the athlete at parachute jump or on the travel on good ski resort.

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