Testosterone propionate and its application in sport

Testosterone propionate and its application in sport

Use of medicine under the name "Testosterone Propionate" gains the increasing popularity among athletes. Today it is one of the most demanded steroids in bodybuilding.

Testosterone – widely known hormone which has extraordinary importance for the man. But, unfortunately, often it is necessary to face that at many including young men, it is at a low level. At such indicator the decrease in men's sexual desire, reduction of muscle bulk, fast fatigue, increase in fatty tissue is observed. Certainly, for athletes such characteristics won't allow to achieve results. In particular it concerns bodybuilders, the high level of testosterone provides the fast and effective set of muscle bulk. In case of deficiency of this hormone many athletes address medicine which is called "Testosterone propionate".

Testosterone propionate is the steroid which should be received in the injection way. Skilled bodybuilders note that the main advantage of propionate – fast achievement of result, the shortcoming – short-term action. After the first application with the dosage in 50-100 mg it is possible to feel effect of the raising of forces and energy as the level of hormone increases. The effect vanishes in 1–2 days therefore athletes receive it regularly every two daysevery two daysevery two daysevery two days, many – daily.

Other feature of medicine is that at its reception there is the minimum delay of water in the organism. Because of this factor some athletes consider medicine ineffective in the type of the fact that it isn't possible to get the rise to weight in 10 kg in the month. But the specifics of medicine mean its use during so-called drying at bodybuilders that allows to receive better and relief muscles.

Physicians advise to count the medicine dosage by the following principles. The beginning athletes should receive testosterone propionate once in two days on 50 mg injektsionno. Professionals should do it on 100 mg once a day. Too often and in large numbers it isn't necessary to take the drug as side effects can have an effect.

At use of steroids it is often possible to face side effects. Testosterone propionate - not the exception. The acne – one of them. Acne rash can be shown even after the first injection. At prolonged use the organism can stop producing own testosterone. After 2–3 months of the termination of injections, as a rule, production of hormone the organism returns to normal. Cases of emergence of the ginekomastiya – increase in chest gland at men are frequent, but if to observe the dosage, it can be avoided. Other side effect is increase in growth of hair (in some cases, on the contrary, loss). Because of special specifics of such medicines, it is necessary to remember safety of own organism. At negative impact of propionate it is necessary to stop its use immediately.

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