We prepare the figure for summer with stanovy draft

We prepare the figure for summer with stanovy draft

In spite of the fact that year hardly began, time till summer will fly by quickly. Right now it is worth thinking of the figure relief, to tighten muscles. What to choose exercise to receive impact at once on the set of muscles and ligaments?

What training is equally effective for all age and is suitable both for men, and for women? Stanovy draft. It not only will allow to pump up muscles of hips, buttocks, bicepses and quadriceps. By means of draft the general endurance of the organism and force increases. You shouldn't think that this exercise is suitable only for professional powerlifters or bodybuilders. It is equally useful for all.

What it is important to know about stanovy draft?

  • It can be done both to men, and women. It is required to pick up only correctly initial weight. For women plus that potentially weak muscles of the forearm, the internal surface of legs are pumped over. At the same time the body relief considerably improves, muscles of the prelum abdominale and buttocks are studied.
  • Age to stanovy draft not the hindrance. People of advanced age can safely include exercise in the complex training. Due to activization of the metabolism, formation of peptide communications the stanovy draft rejuvenates and tones up the organism. 
  • This only exercise which studies such number of large and small muscles at once. About 80% of muscles of the person are involved in it. Muscles of the shin, hips, buttocks are studied. There is load of back muscles.

Whether you know that the name stanovy draft received exercise from the fact that the camp, that is the case of the body works?

What happens stanovy draft?

That to beginners not to get confused, we will tell into what types the stanovy draft is subdivided.

There is the basic pose, it is classical. Its derivatives are the deadlift, or dead-lift. The deadlift only with straight legs or very little bent in knees is carried out. 

If the athlete wants to take big weight, then the style of sumo is used. The way received the name by analogy with the Japanese technique. In it legs are put approximately on one and a half width of shoulders, knee joints and socks are equally developed outside. Capture also wide and mixed.

When carry out stanovy draft and at the same time don't lower the signature stamp on the floor, such look is called Romanian. Thanks to it load of the back isn't made, the quadriceps and the biceps of the hip actively participates.

Rules of the technology of performance

  • It is necessary to begin only with small scales and the small amount of repetitions.
  • Between trainings with stanovy draft it is necessary to take the break week, and even 10 days. Why? Everything is simple. Muscle fibers grow only after the maximum tension. For this purpose amino acids in clean chains need time to be restored.
  • Carry out raising of the post only in gym. It is obligatory for beginners to involve more experienced athlete or the coach. They will help to build the pose.
  • Start performance, using several approaches, gradually increase to the 4th 8 or 12 times.
  • Before occupation carry out easy warm-up. It can be kardio, squats or pullings up.

Who categorically can't do stanovy draft?

It is forbidden to include draft in the complex of occupations that who in the past had problems with back muscles, backbone diseases, injuries, including with the nervous terminations.


Begin to train draft already now, and then by summer you will safely show magnificent muscles of the camp on the beach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team