What sports it is the best of all to play

What sports it is the best of all to play

Any sport at the amateur level brings benefit if to be engaged in it regularly and throughout long term, but without fanaticism. Universal councils for the choice of sport don't exist: everything depends on character of the person, features of his health, opportunities and other factors. It is only possible to make the general recommendations about the choice of occupations for himself.

What sport it is the best of all for children to do?

The childhood – the best time to begin to play sports. Physical exercises since the childhood promote strengthening of immunity, the correct course of development of the body, the general improvement, besides, they train will power, develop self-confidence, teach interaction with other people, improve concentration and attention. Team sports are useful to most of boys: soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey. The spirit of competitive spirit learns to win and lose adequately, to treat the opponents with respect. The game in team develops skills of work in collective. Besides, team sports usually bring to children pleasure, them it isn't necessary to force to go on trainings.

Also martial arts are suitable for boys: boxing, aikido, kung fu and others. Their main goal is not to make the person stronger and to teach to fight, and to increase agility and coordination and to teach to defend itself. Besides, occupations martial arts will be developed at boys by tolerance to sensations of pain and ability to concentrate. Girls can do such sports for self-defense too.

But most of girls choose dances, gymnastics, tennis. These sports develop flexibility, form beautiful gait, do movements smoother and sure, develop femininity, improve feeling of the rhythm.

What sports it is the best of all for men to play?

If the purpose of occupations of sport – improvement of health, appearance and development of force, then best of all approach occupations in gym. Regular power exercises form the courageous muscular body, allow to get rid of excess fat, increase force that gives to the man of self-confidence. But not all suit heavy exercises on exercise machines, some people prefer aerobic loadings. Run – ideal sport for those who love endurance sport who appreciates time spent alone and don't want to compete with other people. Jogs not only strengthen physical health and improve immunity, they have beneficial influence on nervous system, save from the stress and improve health.

What sport it is the best of all for women to do?

Today and women choose occupations in gym, the fitness became very popular among female population as its purpose to eat not improve health and force, but also to create the beautiful body that is very important for the weak half of mankind. But power exercises are suitable for women with well developed will power and commitment as such loadings in general aren't peculiar to the female. Such directions as aerobics, yoga, shaping, sports dances, swimming are even more popular. These sports allow to lose weight, bring the body into the form, to improve grace. These are only the general recommendations, there is the huge number of sports, and any person of any age and sex can choose that to it to liking.

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