Carlsbad Caverns (USA)"

Carlsbad Caverns (USA)"

– it is always interesting and fascinating, considering that moment that age of these ancient formations, as a rule, very solid. Many caves from those that are known today arose many thousands – and even millions – years back, and witnessed the most various events. They remember dinosaurs, mammoths, primitive people and much, many other.

In particular the large systems of the caves connected with each other by means of adits are interesting. It is often difficult to understand how the nature, without human hands, could create similar communications. However the fact remains – similar caves are, and today them is known much.

So, one of the largest cave systems on the earth can consider the Carlsbad Caverns located in the South of the USA in the State of New Mexico. These caves are so unique and unique in own way that they were given the status of national park. Actually, the park includes not only actually caves, but also a fair part of the territory adjoining to them though caves and remain, certainly, the main highlight of this reserve, and for the sake of them there come tourists here.

What represents national park Carlsbad Caverns? First of all, it is a long chain from eighty caves of the different sizes, with a total length of twelve kilometers. Itself can try to imagine this distance and to understand that this cave system, really, is extremely impressive on the scales – all this is underground. The depth reaches nearly five hundred meters that also sees extremely essential size.

However not only scales attract tourists to these caves. The thing is that in them – it is very beautiful. Various breeds appearing on walls of caves form themselves unique drawings, and here it is possible to admire hours a unique freak of nature. It seemed, the unknown artist removed all these pictures by means of a rich palette, however having looked narrowly at walls close, visitors understand what here was without human hands. Combinations of the most various flowers – gray, blue, violet, blue and a number of others – play here and there on the arches and ceilings.

Impresses also age of caves which scientists determine in two hundred fifty million years. These caves stood long before approach of a new era, long before Cristo, Magomet, Buddha and, obviously here, will stand still very long. If to imagine this huge figure, it is possible to like involuntarily original respect for so respectable age. Was not in the project of the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge yet, there was no Babylon and the Shooting gallery, and these caves already were ancient.

Today Carlsbad Caverns are considered as one of informal wonders of the world. Really, they do not have analogs in the world practically. Even if to remember impressive caves of New Athos and some other similar systems, they cannot be compared to Carlsbad in view of wide razmakh of the last. Caves of similar size – very big rarity.

By the way, caves are not lifeless at all – they were and remain quite manned. There live bats which total number according to the most conservative estimates reaches one million, and the different types which are getting on together meet here. Seeks to look on fluttering of bats also at many tourists, and these animals are a sign symbol of Carlsbad Caverns.

Also the history of emergence of this system is interesting. According to researches of scientists, once in the most ancient times on the place of the State of New Mexico the prehistoric sea lapped, and around caves there was a coral reef. The sea then dehydrated, dried up, and on its place the hot desert was formed – however the reef did not get to anywhere. Over time it hardened even more, zaizvestkovatsya, and the formation of caves was completed by the nature. Winds, rains and other precipitation during unimaginably long period vytesat in the firm massif of a cave, transitions and galleries.

It is obvious that throughout all the long history these caves were used as the natural dwelling more than once. Here the most various prehistoric animals could live, ancient people quite could stop, make here fire and pray to the gods for successful hunting. What could only not happen for all this time!

Today many halls of these caves carry the lyrical names given them already today in view of any given features. Besides magnificent drawings of rock on walls, there are stalactites and stalagmites here, at the same time other of them rather thin, and at whiffs of wind publish hardly heard ring, adjoining with each other.

In one of caves there is a small reservoir – the lake of green color. This cave and is called – "The hall of the green lake". There are also others here – "The Temple of the Sun", "Rest of the queen". Stalactites and stalagmites grow together with places together and form themselves the natural colonnades created, besides, without participation of the person.

Essential plus of Carlsbad Caverns is their arrangement for tourist needs. So, convenient paths are laid here, there are protections, and for the best review of all details the illumination of walls and the arches is provided. However not so all caves are available to tourists – from twelve kilometers of underground services for free visit it is taken away only five. However, and it quite is enough to spend here if desired several hours and to receive unforgettable impressions of this underground world. The bright and unusual color of walls, bats, the lake and stalactites – collected in one place, all this will hardly leave though someone indifferent. Therefore if your plans are visit of the United States and, in particular, the State of New Mexico, you surely should not regret time and to reach Carlsbad Caverns. There is no second such place simply any more anywhere in the whole world, and the excursion on underground services will be really unforgettable for any.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team